Plans to decentralize the sequencer

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Hi, I love your plans. Can we work together as you build this?
I can join in your research and also help with articles and documents when it is done.

I’m in the research and understanding phase at the moment, but I’m happy to collaborate and learn together

Send me your telegram usernames so we can have a better communication

Decentralizing L2 sequencers can provide benefits like scalability and security. Strategies include sharding, state channels, plasma, and rollups

I think this is actually a separate and quite breakthrough step in the next development of Ethereum ecosystem and I think after Danksharding it will be more than feasible

But if we talk about how it will be within the Optimism ecosystem, I would actually like to explore this topic in more detail as well

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my telegram is @sbvegan

that is really great. DM me if you like someone to help you with research.

I was thinking it would be really nice if people could just share any relevant resources and research here. It would make it visible to more people and open up more collaboration

By the way, yeah, that’s a great idea.

This is one of the first articles I read on the subject, so for a basic understanding it will be useful for everyone, I think


I agree this is a very important topic.

Sequencer is a bottleneck of centralization. Decentralizing the sequencer will improve the reliability of the system. If we dont have it, protocols might move to their own app-chain for reasons that dydx left starkware.

I mean even if the sequencer is centralized now, there should be an approximate intended timeplan to decentralize it. Even if it takes 2 years, with a time plan everything will be

It’s on the timeline for this year: About Optimism, but I know these things might be pushed out just by the nature of software development.

Hasu had an interesting talk about the need for Proposer and Block builder Separation when decentralizing L2 sequencers. Decentralizing Sequencers Wait it’s all PBS Always has been - Hasu

Hello, I am also interested in researching this topic.

I’ve also seen the links mentioned above, and I still think I’m running out of resources to decentralize this sequencer.

If there is a group related to it, I would like to participate. My telegram is @i_am_yona22.

great idea. I wish you can make a wonderful things

Yes, that’s for sure, in any case we need such a plan for further development to understand the final goal of what we should come to

I think it might take quite a long time, although now with Ethereum and L2 development it seems like things are moving much better and the long-awaited decentralization of everything is much closer

While they may be less relevant to this topic, here are some resources on the goal of Optimism Decentralization.

and some article :

  1. Our Pragmatic Path to Decentralization | by Optimism | Optimism PBC Blog | Medium
  2. Optimism’s Path to Technical Decentralization
  3. Progressing towards decentralization: highlights from the Keys in Mordor summit

I will keeping this info in mind. Please update if you have any material.

Thank you very much, really great useful material to study
Sometimes it can be hard to find something like this personally haha, it takes me a huge amount to find really quality information on this

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@soyboy really good idea :+1: