Optimistically Nerding Out

The American Dollar derives its worth from the worlds communities belief that it has value. There are also institutions who maintain the infrastructure which incentivizes them to maintain the dollars hegemony at any cost. This has resulted in the collapse of planetary society hence the plague, forever wars, the nullification of liberties, & exponential growth of the surveillance state.

There is a class of person who lives to support decentralized infrastructure in order to slow or end the ever increasing power of States. As we continue to expand & improve Ethereum we take power away from States which as a result improves the world.

The best way forward is to optimize the network by full decentralization. A full deployment of an Optimism testnet is needed. This fist step leading to the mainnet can be battle tested. Once the testnet is ready the mainnet should deploy with a user friendly GUI in order to maximize the amount of nodes that are online across the world.

This will galvanize not just the Ethereum community but average people who no longer wish to fund the current system.

An average person does not wake up and think what nation could we destabilize, bomb, or take resources from today.

Only those who depend on the United States Dollar dominance have these thoughts.

Optimistic Node Operators will stand for life, liberty, & the right for everyone on Earth to pursue happiness. For every penny that becomes just a piece of worthless copper will be one inch closer to freedom.