Optimism Community Call Recaps Thread

Community Call #12: January 19, 2023

Recording is here: Jan 10 Gov Call Recording.mp4 - Google Drive

Summary of discussion:

  • First token-house upgrade vote coming for Bedrock!!
    • [Request for Comment] Protocol Upgrade Proposal Information
    • What kind of info would you like to see in the proposal for network upgrades?
      • Security (audits, bug bounties)
      • timeline and implementation details
      • Why are we doing this upgrade?
      • Potential community AMA?
      • Stakeholders will need time to react to vote passing
    • Proposed template will be put on the forum later today!
    • This is a big step for the token house & Optimism (get excited) :smiley:
  • Question on incentivizing builders to build w/bedrock
  • What if a grant committee member submits a proposal?
    • They can do this, but declare conflict in nomination & not vote
  • Questions about the types of projects to nominate for RPGF2
    • Round 2 is focused on things for the Optimism ecosystem specifically
    • This will likely evolve as we get further into voting rounds
    • We need to get to the point where Optimism & RPGF is self-sustaining now in order to do more good in the future

Community Call #14: January 31, 2023

Recording for the meeting can be found here .

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Community Call #15: February 14, 2023

Call recording: February 14th Optimism Community Governance Call.mp4 - Google Drive


  • This meeting was a little bit shorter but still some great discussion.
  • Check out the new Agora interface (vote.optimism.io ), cast your test vote, and drop some feedback!
    • This is the place for new delegates to register and for existing delgates to cast votes
  • New partner fund post
    • Same restrictions for no sale / lockup. Generally targeted at larger projects that have already achieved product-market fit.
  • Bedrock vote coming up!
  • Some Q&A with grants council team - if you have feedback on grants council or other season 3 things, drop it here !
  • Community calls on zoom vs discord vs twitter
    • Who is the target audience? We want to keep quality of discussion high.
    • There may be ways to do a discord call with token-gated permissions (OP labs attestation station?)
    • Only zoom allows screen-sharing
    • Maybe we can do a test community-governance discussion on discord
    • We could also work to broadcast link to call wider, this is something immediate that we can do for next meeting.
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Community Call #16: February 28, 2023

Call recording: Optimism Community Call Feb 28, 2023 recording.mp4 - Google Drive

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Community Call #17: March 14, 2023

A recording of the call can be found here .


  • Really good discussion and walkthrough on data analytics for past grant recipients.
    • Check out the stats overview here
    • Shoutout to Michael Silberling for gathering the stats and answering questions, as well as Chuxin Huang who helped pull together the stats!
    • There is a lot of room to contribute, head to the analytics channel on discord if you want to pitch in
    • The interesting question lies in how to make users stay after incentive program ends
    • We might do more similar stats walkthroughs in the future on other topics
  • Bedrock V2 Proposal
    • Go check it out & comment on the forums
    • Needs 4 delegates approval in order to move to the next stage
    • We will have a community discussion next week on this topic!
  • RPGF2
    • Voting is currently anonymous, will end March 23rd
    • Hopefully RPGF rounds will happen much more frequently in the future and with very clear expectations
  • Community discussions
    • We’ve landed on doing community discussions every other week in the Discord on specific topics
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Community Call #18: March 28, 2023

Call recording can be found here: Community call #18 recording March 28, 2023.mp4 - Google Drive


  • Two votes happening now on Agora (make sure to vote for both)
  • Check out Season 3 reflections thread: Governance Update #6: Season 3 Reflections
  • Important to move on and look forward from code of conduct issues
  • Anyone who wants to volunteer to host a discord community discussion, feel free to DM me!
  • Lot’s of process improvements for grants council. Preliminary review roundup thread here .
  • Next call is April 11th
  • RetroPGF announcement is Thursday

Slides for the call are here .

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Community Call #19: April 25, 2023

Thank you everyone for coming to the call! We had a good turnout this week and some new participants as well as some good discussion. The good news is that it was a great call, the bad news is that I forgot to hit the record button. Sorry about that :smiling_face_with_tear:. Lesson learned and will be more careful in the future.

Here is the recap but if I missed anything be sure to comment below and I will add it!

On to the recap:

  • People are excited about the Season 4 structure!
  • Intent 3 discussion
    • Some talk about making the intent so it can encompass OP tokenomics
    • Discussion on making it broad enough to include the possibility of some kind of legal defense fund (i.e. sushiswap)
    • Make sure to submit suggestions by Wednesday, April 26th! The intent will created by the OP Foundation as a synthesis of suggestions from the community.
  • Missions & Alliances
    • OP Foundation team will be putting out 5-8 Foundation Proposed Missions (RFPs ) but are in the process of getting these ready internally.
    • We have our first community-proposed mission by @Frisson and Tally! Check it out on the forums Superchain Governance Deep Dive
    • Feedback on missions by delegates should include whether the intent is the correct one, and social verification that the leader of the alliance meets the trust tier required.
  • Be sure to vote in the upcoming proposal cycle
  • There was general Q&A about trust tiers, alliances, etc. Most of the things discussed can probably be learned by reading through this document:
  • There was a suggestion for a central place to hold community + foundation call recording
  • Also a suggestion to have a glossary of OP governance terms.
  • The two above things could potentially be part of a mission for intent 4!
  • Next call is in two weeks!
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Community Call #20: May 23, 2023

Thanks for coming everyone! We had a really really good call. Thanks again to @zcf from Agora for coming to gather community feedback through the workshops.

Recap of the call is coming soon, but here are the recordings:

Part 1: May 23, 2023 community call recording part 1.mp4 - Google Drive
Part 2: May 23, 2023 community call recording part 2.mp4 - Google Drive


  • The majority of the call was taken up by an awesome workshop session brainstorming ideas to improve delegate discovery, especially for smaller delegates
  • Charlie from Agora (@zcf) was there to gather the community feedback. Over the next few weeks they may try and mock up some of the suggestions made, so if you want to give feedback once that is done, be sure to add your name to the list (will post here soon)
  • This is a continuation of the conversation from this thread: Delegate Discovery Initiatives - #11 by Frisson
  • Some spirited discussion/feedback on the symbolic budget proposal
    • is it worth doing a vote for something symbolic, or is there a better way for the foundation to gather feedback?
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Community Call #21: June 6, 2023

Recording link: delegate_recording_june_6_2023.mp4 - Google Drive


  • Updates for Season 4:
    • Season 4 will be from June 8th to September 20th. June 8th is the date for submitting proposals for feedback, June 21st is the hard deadline, then by the 28th those missions will need four delegates’ approvals in order to be eligible for voting. So get going people!
    • Useful information on RetroPGF2: RetroPGF2 learning Blog Post. It’d be a good opportunity to give feedback going to RPGF3.
    • Check the slides for the Alliance forming workshop, great explanation of what it is, intents, missions, etc.
  • RFPs: Requests for Proposals:
    • One important thing for the missions and the season is the request for proposals, here’s the link: RFPs . They go through different categories, check the dates for the projects on the site.
  • Optimism Co-Granting:
  • Grants Council: Grants Council Cycle 13
    • Grants council twitter: OptimismGrants
    • Two AMAs this week:
      • Wednesday, June 7 · 9:00 – 10:00am (LA PDT time zone) and 16:00-17:00 (UTC) – Link for video call!
      • Thursday, June 8 · 5:00 – 6:00am (LA PDT time zone) and 12:00 - 13:00 (UTC) – Link for the video call!
      • Season 3 vs Season 4:
        • Season 4 will be a 3-cycle program rather than 2-cycle
        • Managerial positions added (RPGF, Operations, and Comms)
        • New platform for the submission of proposals using CharmVerse for a smoother process
    • Any community feedback is more than welcomed! (and needed) Season 3 Rubrics
      • The Rubrics for this season will be proposed shortly in their own post
    • Check the council experiments forms and Grants council builders forms: Cycle 13 Builders Form Cycle 13 Experiments Form
  • The Grants Council is planning on putting out requests for grants, it’ll be its own system. More information will come up soon.
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Community Call #22: June 20, 2023

Recording Link: June 20th, 2023 community call.mp4 - Google Drive

Great call with a lot of discussion, here are some of the highlights:

  • KYC for Grants:
    • In the case of a single grant recipient, the owner of the wallet (AKA the alliance leader) needs to KYC
    • In the case of multi-sigs, every owner on the multisig needs to KYC
    • An organization can receive the funds in which case they would need to KYC
  • Curve proposal update:
    • Curve wasn’t able to complete the KYC process, resulting in the grant still not being distributed. Is still in process to figure out the issue.
  • Data-driven Content Performance:
    • Is an open discussion for RetroPGF round 3 on how we can measure impact. Specifically to quality content, mentioning objective metrics to quantify impact and make it easier for badgeholders to vote. To take a deeper look here’s the link to the post Data-driven content performance
  • Missions discussions:
    • Great conversation over some interesting points on the voting process and details on how grants and funding is distributed.
    • Creating a Discord session for pitching mission proposals is in discussion for next week before the voting starts, the dates are not decided yet but they’ll be announced soon!
  • @kaereste, we should pick a time/date to host this!

Also went over a couple of proposals for feedback and more understanding over the missions proposals submission, in addition to more clarification over topics like the difference between critical milestones and progress towards completion. For more accurate information check this post Collective Grant Policies

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Community Call #23: July 6, 2023

During this call we actually had a really great discussion on feedback for Season 4 from a variety of perspectives (voter, delegate, mission proposer).

Recording is here: July 6th Community Call Recording.mp4 - Google Drive
Slides link: July 6th, 2023 community call slides - Google Slides

Being a well deserved vacation week, we had the opportunity to have lively involvement from participants in this call, which led into deep discussion over a variety of topics. This might (i know it is) seem longer than the usual recaps done before, but i assure it’s worth giving it look (and faster than hearing 50 minutes of talking). :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Updates:
    • RetroPGF3 was announced, 30M OP will be distributed, one of the differences is that there are now four different categories. Project registration will take place in the following months and the voting will take place in Fall 2023. For more details check: RetroPGF Round 3
    • Voting is live for missions: there’s active voting for Intents #1, #3, #4, and remember intent #2 is Grants Council, the rest is voted by Token House. To see more in detail: Optimism Agora
    • Grants Council: we are currently in cycle 13, remember this is for Intent #2 and it’ll have three different cycles. Cycle 13 will end on the 12th, over 106 proposals and 49 are in final review. If you have submitted a proposal don’t forget to look out for feedback! Cycle 14 will start on July 14th and the submission deadline will be on July 27th. For more information: Cycle 13 Preliminary Review
  • Season 4 feedback, discussions and concerns:
    • Lack of feedback and guidance during proposals submissions: newer community members found confusing and difficult getting feedback from delegates for their proposals, resulting in many projects being looked over. There were a few solutions mentioned for this issue, such as having a “guide delegate” that’ll help with the process. There were also Pitching sessions made on discord before the hard deadline for proposals ( Optimism Mission Proposal Pitches - Season 4) which had a good impact and was a simpler way for the collective to see and show the proposals, thanks to these sessions another solution for this issue was including pitching sessions or video presentation as a regular for proposals. In addition to the idea of including “mentors proposals” for a more easier process for both delegates and community members.
    • Voting apathy: due to the numbers of delegates vs the amount project proposals and a poor structure for reviewing all the projects, there has been a “voting apathy” which we can see due to the projects that are going through the voting process being significantly under the approval threshold, concerning, considering we are already into a week of voting and there’s just another week left. Some of comments over this issue were ideas to improve the general structure and a public and simplified UX for delegates, some mentioned hiring more delegates and including a “Delegate manager” for the division of the reviewing, mostly between volunteers delegates. Another great idea was to give more incentives to delegates by boosting their reputation, also making the process more simple as mentioned before with pitching sessions, making the workload less heavy on them.
    • Another concern was the duplication of alliances, proposals and organizations, having the same group of people doing missions and applying for grants at the same time but we are not aware of any rule that forbids Missions and Grants overlaps, one of comments was that “many people don’t know proposals can be on both sides”. Another possible reason for the duplication of proposals was the lack of guidance for newer members that found the process quite confusing, bringing back the idea of a “mentor” for members and alliances to go to and clear those doubts and avoid any kind of issues during the proposal process.

There were many interesting comments during this call, having fewer members led to a deeper discussion with more understanding, new interesting ideas and refreshing feedback about Season 4.

I hope everyone that was on holiday had a great time!


Community Call #24: July 18, 2023

Recording: July 23 community call recording.mp4 - Google Drive


  • Updates:
    • The most recent mission building cycle is finished and Grants Council cycle 13 has concluded (more information here: Cycle 13: Final Grants Roundup) and Grants Council cycle 14 has started.
    • Mission voting cycle is finished.
    • EthCC is happening now, so if you are in Paris definitely check the forums to see if there’s any events for a real-life meetup and go meet some optimism folks!
    • New information about Season 5, about what they are working on and envisioning, during a talk that will take place in EthCC and will be recorded.
  • Season 4 Feedback Thread:
    • There was a lot of reflection on the mission process that just happened. Things went as expected and according to plan but there is definitely room for improvement and optimization. Check Governance Update #7 for clarifications about issues that surfaced during the last cycle around grant policies, disclosures and multiple submissions, all in one place, and please, leave suggestions. :slightly_smiling_face:
  • Financial Disclosure Discussion:
    • There was a summary of a quite lengthy discussion around this thread “We need to talk about undisclosed financial interests ”. Worth discussing, especially in terms of code of conduct and whether there was a violation or not, what needs to be clarified, because the lines can be a bit blurry, especially if you follow the discussion in the post. We’d like not to focus too much on the specific parties in this situation, because we’re all learning together and anything that comes up, we just want to fix, improve and go forward.
  • Grants Council Updates:
    • The head of Grants Council shared information and comparisons between cycle 13 and cycle 11 (Cycle 11 was the last Grants cycle and there was special voting on cycle 12).
    • There were 26 finalists, 10 on the experiment side and 16 on builders. So that the punchline is that there was an overwhelming amount of quality in this cycle, which was great. A lot of encouragement to take a look over novelty projects and people trying to build things in diverse areas of the ecosystem.
    • Conversation over more budget-optimized decisions and allocation in order to support more grants worthy projects.
    • Detailed clarification on what RPG is, how it works, the process, who to get in contact with and many other things.
    • Indication about Charmverse being the best resource for the proposers to see the specific deadlines, the opening and close of the season or cycles on the calendar. The submissions period is open until next Thursday at 19:00 GMT. If you know great builders, people or projects that are putting together great experiments, specifically novel use cases and tangible use cases, we’d love to see them. :slightly_smiling_face:
    • Also if anyone has any questions we’re all completely available so just drop your question in the grants channel.
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Community Call #25 [LAW OF CHAINS]: August 1, 2023

It was an amazing call! Some great questions and discussion on Law of Chains (contribute to the discussion here) !

Recording is here: August 1st Community Call Recording.mp4 - Google Drive


  • The VAST MAJORITY of the call was spent discussing the newly published Law of Chains .
    • @ben-chain was with us to discuss and to answer questions
    • Law of Chains doesn’t include operationalization, but instead outlines the stakeholders of the superchain and enumerates their rights
      • For example, covers preventing censorship of users
    • If ratified, it’s an addition to the working constitution of the collective
    • We are moving from governing a single chain (OP mainnet) to governing a standard (the OP stack) on which all of these chains in the “Superchain” will follow
    • This is a long term document meant to survive for many years
  • Q & A
    • Why isn’t governance mentioned (token/citizen house)?
      • The document defines the relationship between governance as a whole and stakeholders
    • Are existing partners (Base/Zora) bought in?
      • yes and they are excited about it!
    • Does this include chains that are forking current OP stack codebase?
      • OP stack will still be open source and available to fork but this is specifically a higher open standard for chains to be a part of the Superchain
        • This includes upgrades voted on by the OP Collective
    • What upgrades/params will be chosen by governance vs by the chains themselves?
      • Specifics will continue to be fleshed out, but some settings (chain profit margin, the specific sequencing seem) will be available to be parameterized by chain governance.
    • How will new chains be represented in governance?
      • This is an ongoing discussion, however this happens will be transparent and approved by governance
    • The security model should be homogenous across all chains in the Superchain. Users should be able to move from chain to chain without worrying about changing security surfaces.
    • Will we have a chain house?
      • For now, probably not, it adds much more complexity. However token house (economic) is a probably a good fit.
    • Native bridges will be the same for all the chains
    • What are the social contracts for delegates that need to be updated in order to manage new chains?
    • Very important that governance has the least complexity possible, and we should do everything we can to shift governance into programatic/algorithmic protections.
  • Next call we will be diving deeper into the future of governance as outlined by this blog post! The Future of Optimism Governance — The Optimism Collective
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Community Call #26 [Future of Governance]: August 15, 2023

While the last two weeks were a bit quiet, we had a brief, but interesting as always, community call with the chance to dig into some topics left out during the previous call.

See recording here: August 15th Community Call

  • On Thursday August 17th: there will be an open conversation around the planning, implementation, and follow-up of a series of live education with GravityDAO, you can join the event on Discord and see more in detail what it is about in this post: Education and Training on Conflict Management, with Gravity DAO. There are going to be multiple live sessions, so if you are interested, keep an eye on the Discord server.
  • For those interested in becoming a badgeholder for the next round of RetroPGF, check this thread just to signal your interest: Signaling intention to become a Badgeholder . So if you fall into that category, definitely go and put your name down there.
  • Voting Cycle 14: The Grants Council proposes repurposing the 2.5M OP that was already approved but not used. Should this proposal pass, Token House would re-allocate 2.5M OP towards Intent 2 as follows:
    • 1M OP increase in budget for Experiments.
    • 1M OP increase in budget for Builders.
    • Remaining available for both Sub-Committees as buffer (500k OP)
    • The Future of Optimism Governance: we had a brief summary over our current governance system and how it might evolve, provide more visibility for one or two seasons so we can all be aligned on where we’re going and what the priorities are. To read more in detail and give feedback check: The Future of Optimism Governance , which is a mirror post of the original blog entry in the Optimism Collective blog.
    • Finalizing the call with an open discussion over a variety of topics such as the opening for proposals for Cycle 15, events that will be available on discord (keep an eye on those!) and as always, clarification for different questions.
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Community Call #27: August 29, 2023

Thanks everyone for coming!!! It was a great call.

Here is the recording: August 29th community call recording.mp4 - Google Drive .

Slides: August 29, 2023 community call slides - Google Slides

We started this call with a “Praise session”, an idea brought by Bricia, since everyone is working hard and doing such a great job, is a gratifying thing to recognize and appreciate, including ourselves, the people we work with sometimes! So go ahead and check “Feel the love” channel on Discord.

All feedback and comments are welcomed and appreciated!

  • Grants cycle 14 updates from Dane: Check Cycle 14 Round up on the forum to get more details.
    • To see more information about the Roundups, how people scored, what feedback was given, etc, take a look to CharmVerse (Linked downbelow)
    • For those interested in making a proposal for Cycle 15, apply on CharmVerse before August 24 (19:00 GMT) to receive an additional credit for their proposal. Proposals are due by August 31 (19:00 GMT)
    • Also feel free to check the OP Governance Calendar to keep track of any information about dates of your interest.
  • One big announcement last week was Base’s introduction in Optimism Governance, in order to collect feedback from the community Base and the Optimism team made a post on the forums on How Base will participate in Optimism Governance, raising some main point such as transparency, participation, etc, as always any feedback is more than welcomed. We recommend this article from Base about their involvement in Superchain Base’s Commitment to Decentralization with the Superchain.

We finished the call with an open discussion, not only mentioning the topics above but also a great insight over The Superchain and Law of chains (Read the post for more information, comment and leave feedback). Also a shout-out to Bankless and their video over the Superchain: Crypto’s Endgame: The Superchain Explained with Jesse Pollock & Ben Jones, always great to see such active participation in the community!


Community Call #28 [S5 Foundation AMA]: October 3rd, 2023

In this call we had an AMA from foundation hosted by Justine instead of our normal community call, which covering topics around Season 5!


Community Call #29: October 17, 2023

Slides link: October 17th Community Call Slides

  • Updates:
    • Voting Cycle 16a is LIVE, vote before October 25th
    • Nominations for Grants Council and Code of Conduct Council are due to November 1st 19:00 GTM
    • RetroPGF3 Submissions are due till November 23th, see the live voting here
  • Base Joined the call today!
    • Thanks for coming Rowan & Saemi
    • Question: Does base have a plan for their token delegation?
      • Answer: this is a work in progress, more details TBA soon!
  • Collective Values w/Simona
    • Collective values being set for the whole collective
    • Forum posts for feedback and meeting link coming soon!
  • Anticapture commission
    • How will voting actually work?
      • Voting process will be decided by the lead/council
    • How did we land on 10m OP?
      • This was the same as the delegation to chains however it could change, if you think it should be more post on the forum
    • Why aren’t more delegates included?
      • The desire is to target the highest influence delegates, not necessarily all delegates that show up
    • Anticapture commission
  • Code of conduct violation - Carlos Melgar
  • Code of Conduct Council
    • Soon we will have more information on applying to be the lead
    • Some gravityDAO members might be interested in nominating
    • Nominations are open now! This could be a good place to contribute to the collective
    • Code of Conduct Councils
  • Developer Advisory Board
    • How were members selected?
      • This time they were nominated by the Foundation based on recommendations sourced from many areas including OP labs
      • In the future they may be appointed by the grants council or elected by token house
    • They are in charge of adding developer expertise to the grants council, especially around intent 1
    • Developers Advisory Board
  • Security Council vote #1
    • Member list is still in process, long process for verifying them
    • This vote is a vote to approve the idea of a security council and create a 2/2 multisig with the foundation and the council to sign off on future upgrades
    • Security Council: Vote #1 - Change to Security Model
  • Grants Council Budget:
    • New position added - milestones & reporting
    • Here’s a link for more information DRAFT: Proposed Grants Council Charter - Season 5
      • In charge of assessing historical grant finalist progress on milestones, confirming final milestones for Season 5 grants, and maintaining relevant council and reviewer metrics
    • More Builders Positions
    • Feel free to reach out to Dane, Kryzstof, myself, or any previous council members if you have questions!
  • RetroPGF Questions
    • How does KYC work for group participants? Is there a way to avoid everyone on the multisig completing KYC?
    • Can individuals apply?
      • Yes! Just make sure to follow rules for applying
    • What if it is indirectly related?
      • If it impacts the Optimism Collective, its eligible!
      • Zora, Base, etc. are also included in the Optimism Collective
    • More application information here
  • Events

Community Call #30: October 31, 2023

Slides link: October 31, 2023 community call slides - Google Slides
Recording link: October 31, 2023 community call recording.mp4 - Google Drive


  • The Nomination period for Code of Conduct & Grants Councils ends November 1st at 19:00 GMT: if you’re interested in either the Grants Council or the Code of Conduct Council, make sure to put in your application.

  • For the Grants Council, there are three different categories that you can be nominated in:

    • Growth Experiments
    • Builders
    • Milestones & Metrics (newly created)
  • For the Code Of Conduct: Code of Conduct Council

    • Lead + Members
  • Voting Cycle 16a has concluded, votes passed:

    • Security Council: Vote #1 - Change to Security Model
    • Developer Advisory Board Budget
    • Developer Advisory Board Ratification of Members
    • Grants Council Operating Budget Proposal
    • Code of Conduct Council Budget
    • Anticapture Commission: a group of independent delegates that receive voting power, This won’t be up and running until January, till season five. For more info and feedback: Anticapture Commision
    • Votes Failed:
      • Code of Conduct Violation: Carlos Melgar
  • Cycle #16b starts Thursday, November 2nd:

    • Votes:
      • Elect Grants Council members
      • Elect Code of Conduct Council members
      • Ratify the Law of Chains
      • Vote on Intent Budgets
      • Vote on the Chain Delegation Program
  • Intents Budget published: Season 5: Intents Budget

    • The total budget is going to be $11 million OP divided into different intents, see more information and feedback on the link above.
  • Reflection Period Feedback: Governance Update #8

    • Overall view of various topics such as Intents, Voting Cycles, Feedback, etc. Check the link above for more details.
    • Don’t be afraid to vote “no” if a proposal is not ready to move to vote
    • Should there be some other method so signal that a proposal isn’t ready?
      • Temp check votes
      • “Not ready” on the forums
      • tradeoff with complexity of governance

Community Call #31: November 21, 2023

Slides link: November 21st, 2023 community call slides - Google Slides
Recording link: November 21st, 2023 Community Call Recording.mp4 - Google Drive

  • Voting Cycle 16b:

    • Law of Chains successfully passed.
    • The Grants Council and Code of Conduct Council were elected.
    • Season 5 Intent Budget passed. Check Season 5: Intents Budget Proposal to see in detail the budget allocated to each intent.
    • The Chain Delegation Program passed. As said before this program would allow OP Chains to actively participate in Optimism’s governance in Seasons 5 and 6. It will be added to the Superchain through a governance process. Season five will start with no delegation from this program, then over the course of the next year chains can qualify and then participate in this program. Check the link to the forum for more information.
  • Voting Cycle 16c: starts on Thursday 23.

    • Security Council: For full context on the implementation of the Security Council, please read Intro to Optimism’s Security Council.
      • There are two cohorts of members. Cohort A will serve for 12 months and cohort B will serve for 18 months. All of these members were nominated by the foundation and they will have to go through rehearsals and approval process in order to actually become a part of the multi-sig. Here is the list of members: Security Council Vote #2 – Initial Member Ratification. For more details see the Security Council Charter.
    • Canyon Upgrade: this is a network update for OP Mainnet, a minor upgrade compared to bedrock. If the vote passes, it will be upgraded five weeks later, on January 11th, 2024. This upgrade has already been activated on internal devnets in coordination with Base & Conduit. Successfully activated on op-goerli, op-sepolia, base-goerli, base-sepolia, pgn-sepolia, & zora-sepolia. For more details and information: Upgrade Proposal #2: Canyon Network Upgrade
  • Mission Request:

    • Mission Requests drafts must be posted to the forum by January 17th, then they’ll need 4 delegates approvals by February 7th.
    • For details on how to submit your Mission Request: About the Mission Requests category.
    • All top 100 delegates can create these mission requests. If you are not a top 100 delegate, post your idea for a Mission Request here: Seeking Mission Request Sponsorship.
    • The Foundation will also host a Mission Request Workshop in early December.
    • There will be a mission request discord channel for any questions and also for collaboration.
  • The We Love the Art campaign is happening! All art is welcomed, not necessarily related to Optimism.

  • The foundation is looking for feedback on the govNERDs program. So definitely go in and try and help improve the program. Here is the form: govNERDs Experiment Feedback

  • RetroPGF It’s in full swing right now. The badgeholders are in the process of making lists and creating their applications, which you can check out through Agora RetroPGF 3

  • Check the thread Badgeholder Conflict of Interest Disclosures, this thread is self-reported by the badgeholders where everyone is listing out some of the projects that they have a conflict of interest on this cycle.


We love :heartpulse: to see all of the amazing developments with the we love the art :framed_picture: contest on Optimism. This is definitely a conversation starter for many community projects in the space and we have been discussing this topic multiple times over the past few weeks with creators who are interested in the ecosystem.

The energy is shifting. Stay optimistic…!