[OLD] Collective Intents: Season 4

After reading the Collective Intents initiative, we want to provide our first feedback on the four proposed items, and share some first thoughts:

Intent 1

This is one of the most interesting and necessary paths for Optimism to mature as a protocol. It seems to us that it is going in the right direction, we recognize that the path to the completion of the development of Optimism has to take place sooner rather than later and open the option for the community to contribute, honoring the ethos that each one of us promotes for the ecosystem. So it makes sense that OP Labs and the Foundation take the lead in management these intents.
Some questions arise for this Intent, for example a 1M budget is assigned, - what about the audits? Or how Labs and Foundation plan to proceed with spending for a secure implementation?

Intent 2

Currently we are satisfied with the work carried out by the Council in the overall, it should be noted that there were no serious incidents to note or red flags in the process that could be labeled as bad work; but there is always room for improvement, and one of the most critical points is that we believe the Council should be more communicative in its consensus/decision process. We look forward to the councilโ€™s proposal to vote for a reasonable budget to the constant growth of the Optimism ecosystem for the coming months.

Intent 3

As active members of the most vibrant communities of the cryptographic ecosystem in Latam (SEED Latam and L2 en Espaรฑol) we are glad to see the Optimism Collective driving these kinds of initiatives focused on generating genuine users through the communities that are part of the foundation of the Ethereum Ethos and Optimism, thatโ€™s why we think that this is an excellent opportunity to put more focus on community-growth-adoption. We believe that this intention is in line with The Optimistic Vision. In any case, we will see how the thoughts of the rest of the delegates and community members align in what role to give to Intent 3.

Intent 4

Participation, active delegations and governance awareness is one of the Optimism community points that is difficult to capture the desired attention. This is not necessarily a lack of governance optiism but more how the incentives are aligned in the whole Web3 community regarding these spaces. This intention should focus on how to bridge the gap between the optimistic user and the governance members and avoid falling into accessibility via more bureaucracy or unnecessary structures. At the end of the day, all the initiatives should lead, together with the continuous improvements of our processes, to achieve a horizontal governance.