NFTEarth RPGF Appeal

A lot of words, none of which address any substantial evidence of wrongdoing which I will repost again here to make sure it doesn’t get lost:

Some specific follow-ups…

You were named a recipient because you qualified prior to the second round of accusations surfacing and there was no mechanism to remove you. You said yourself the foundation never awarded you the funds. Any guesses why?

You’ve tried this before and the Foundation has had to officially correct you. They were clear that while they could not enforce the code of conduct retroactive, the concerns were well known and documented and issued you a warning.

“this does not indicate that the concerns have been resolved.”

And all of this proceeds all of the additional evidence of misdeeds that surfaced subsequently:

A reminder the accusers also include the leaders of the Arbitrum Grant program, members of the Millennium Club DAO that you ripped off, etc etc.

Reminds me of the old saying “if someone is an asshole, they’re an asshole, if everyone is an asshole, you’re the asshole”

A drain on your team? Seriously?

Your team had officially abandoned the project as 10/26 after your ban from Arbitrum to launch a new exchange under anon identities that you subsequently abandoned.

NFTE has been functionally dead on on Optimism for nearly 8 months with seemingly 0 trading activity.

You seemingly only pop up when you think you can extract value.

The complaint contained documentation of wrong doing. The response contained nothing but a denial. That is where the breakdown occurred.

You need evidence to dismiss evidence.