New to the community

I am new to the community and new to crypto in general. I started learning about the DiFi community about a year ago.

I just learned about Optimism from a Forbes article and wanted to know how I can have a positive impact on the community and qualify for the next airdrop?

I made a deposit through the bridge and now have an account.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Looking forward to getting to know the community


Hello cryptokid and welcome. I’m new here too and think you’ll feel right at home.

As for recommendations: I’d say exploring is a good plan. I’ve been spending some time checking out the Optimism Code of Conduct, the Vision, constitution and some of the different posts and proposals the collective community here have come up with. It’s all very exciting and it feels like getting in on the ‘ground floor’ of a very promising project. Good luck. :sunglasses:


Hello guys, I.m new here too.

I’m from Thailand :thailand: I’m not really good at English but i would say i’m so happy to be part of OP community
As today I try to use many dapp in OP ecosystem which is excellent.!! :sparkling_heart: :red_circle:

ps. This is my first time to use L2

I appreciate the advice and agree!

Thanks for the advice. I will start trying out the dapps as well.

Welcome to Optimism. Get familiar with the ecosystem by going through the official website, and interact with their communities


It was not that long ago that I much like yourself decided to venture into “uncharted” territory. It’s an arduous journey to date, It’s difficult to communicate information to people who have not done the same. But it’s important to remember that education and patience are very important. I can only advise you, much like myself and everyone else. Continue developing a better understanding of how to shape both the present and the future.

A fundamental piece of knowledge I’ve come to learn is to form your own opinions and ensure safety is the number one priority!

Happy Life my friend!

Oh, and stay Optimistic!


Welcome, I’ve been in the crypto industry two years ago. I’m really liking the OP right now.

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