Mental Health Sevices for Optimism Public Goods Buidlers

Web3beach has launched multiple rounds of sponsored mental health services for builders from Honduras, then LatAm based builders, and now Optimism Public Goods buidlers.

We have FIVE slots open to Public Goods builders on Optimism. Simply DM me on Telegram expressing interest (carlosjmelgar) and I will provide you with the therapist’s contact so you can organize.

How it works:

  • First come, first serve

  • Each person gets FIVE sessions

  • Sessions are pre paid by web3beach

  • Sessions are offered in English or Spanish

  • You express interest, we give you the therapist’s contact and you schedule your sessions directly with her.

  • We don’t need to know anything else or require updates from recipients of these services.

  • Therapist informs when the sessions have been completed so we can budget and plan for the next round.

  • We don’t ask any questions and request that you do not share any information about topics you wish to discuss with the therapist.

This space offers some details and reviews from recipients. Recipients are not expected to share about your experience.

1 session was paid on Arbitrum, all others have been paid on Optimism.


thank you for pushing me to finally sign up @Carlosjmelgar seeing this post alone makes me incredibly bullisn on supporting your efforts and working with you on optimism and beyond to onboard regular people to the block chain and keep then healthy and educated while they are here

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Builders gotta look out for builders :handshake:

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Building is a noun but also a verb so we need to be active, together, forever. =)

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