KPI based OP drop for active contributors of the Optimism Collective

Proposal: The next OP drop should be based on actual and measurable contributions of the collective and not just some swaps or usage which in my opinion can be gamed. UMA has a KPI based drop where the community can set up parameters that need to be achieved in order to be able to get the drop. These can be things like TVL, Liquidity, unique users or anything that the community decides will further the OP ecosystem.

Rationale: I think by setting up some tangible targets, the community is motivated to rally under the one banner and use the collective think tank to come up with unique and creative ideas on achieving the KPIs. This will bring a net positive to the ecosystem and also reward the community for working as a collective and achieving the goals.

If there is any super UMANs amongst the OP community, would like to see feedback from their experience of applying the KPI based drop on various projects.


its too early to discuss next drop and I dont think its open for discussion, foundation is gonna make the call.

In the mean time, we have Phase 0 project proposal, airdrop 1 and optimism collective to discuss.

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