Introducing Governance Committees

I agree this idea for future groth

That is a good point and I actually plan to informally reach out to other community members not on this committee to get their feedback on some proposals because this is a vast landscape and we do not indeed know everything

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It is funny that we actually (not on purpose) put the NFT & Gaming committee together this way. That is to say none of us other than fractal and I knew each other before we formed our committee

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Should just be delegates holding themselves accountable for this, I think they should have to abstain from pay from one committee if they are on multiple, as they are just leaching money from the second committee they are in. This is especially the case with NFT and tooling as there will likely be few proposals to go over. This is the only way to disincentivize people from joining multiple committees which are supposed to be specialized. Already we have seen committees tainted by centralization and no one sees an issue with that.


Bullish on governance

Agree, you could also use KPI options for this as well and just set your KPI’s beforehand then not have to worry about paying out


Agree to you Poopster, KPI options suits best to give out. The whole community benefits from this .

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Based on the community call on 10/11/22, added:

  • If something is not clearly outlined in this post or the operating manual, committees have decision making authority over their own operations, and may decide to make exceptions for proposers at their discretion

is it possible to have all this info as onepager infographic?

Committees make zero sense and should be fully disbanded.

The information is very helpful, thank you.

Dedicated committee seems to be a great backup in many ways. Not everyone involved pay attention to details or neither participate. The committee concept seems to be a great fit :wink:

On one hand, the equal compensation for committees and decided by OF makes sense; on the other the DeFi committee is probably going to end up being overworked and unhappy given the proposal distribution we expect. :grinning: :smiley: :smile: :grinning:

I have already participated in such a thing, so I have experience, but thanks anyway for such a reminder :smile:


Nice to meet you all here.

Token house is good to comunity.

Thanks for the post.

Lets see how this pans out, ill keep watching for sure.