If the project party does not want to see the project fail due to human error, pay attention to marketing!

One thing everyone can see is: OP’s launch is a piece of shit marketing, and a good hand was defeated by the team; I feel that there is a problem with the marketing team of the project side! Today’s official tweet once again confirmed this judgment (https://twitter.com/optimismPBC/status/1534236997849690115) The broader market rebounded today, and the cottages rose together. Official Twitter posted a photo of bungee jumping? Does this mean the OP will dive? I really admire it! No matter how good the project is, if it is handed over to a bad team for marketing, there will be no way out! If the project party does not want to see the project fail due to human error, please pay attention to marketing and spend a lot of money to recruit real marketing talents, instead of letting a group of people with 0 emotional intelligence do marketing! Engaged in the blockchain industry for 7 years, I have seen many star projects fail due to marketing!


The broader market rebounded today, and the cottages rose together, but $OP is still making new lows! Before the launch, everyone estimated the price of OP at 3-5 US dollars. Really did not expect a star project that has been holding back for a few years, with a circulating market value of 200 million? I thought it could be close to the market value of MATIC in circulation, but it seems that I think too much!

You will soon find that many here cringe at the idea of a growing market cap. Why that is is seriously baffling! Apparently, MC is not a measure of success… What do you do?

MC is not a measure of success, but it does measure the basics of success! Clearly you are changing the subject. I gave an example to call on the community and the project party to pay attention to the power of marketing; what do you think the governance section created by the project party is for? Isn’t it a form of marketing? However, the contribution of the community is not enough, the marketing of official channels is more important; whether it is a project or a person, the image is the first; idealists can only live in their own fantasy, and realism can help the project. progress! This is the law of survival for all living things! Why do all kinds of organisms continue to evolve? Because the survival of the fittest is the law of nature!

you misunderstood. I am agreeing with you. I created a proposal to enhance marketing and getting positioned to be noticed by adopting mechanisms to increase MC. Check it out below:

Too many people there think we should not care about MC. I give up… seriously.

At first, I was full of confidence in this project, but now I give it up

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