Hi, I'm a new user and this is pretty cool

Just wanted to introduce myself, and share my experience using Optimism so far (considering I likely represent the “onboarding” cohort you all were targeting with the recent token airdrop).

Some context: name’s Dono42 (just Dono), and I’m a freshly minted web3 power user (first coin purchase in 2017, but first owned wallet in Jan '21). I’m a “tradgaming” professional IRL, so NFTs and their gaming applications piqued my interest straight away - I now consider myself an NFT investor / trader, with a focus on investing and building in the gaming space. So, I own/transact mostly in ETH, but have dabbled with almost all of the L1s in my adventures so far (I own Algorand NFTs lol).

Optimism has impressed me more than any non-ETH chain I’ve spent time with so far, and it’s only been 24 hours. I still have a TON of research to do while I look under the hood (as is my way), but wanted to share that so far, so good! It just feels “clean”; which is my top compliment for user experiences (think, Apple store) - using Optimism bridge was simple and fast, and the first NFT marketplace I checked out, Quixotic, was surprisingly well built (same QoL features as Opensea). Even this community forum is simple, clean, and seems pretty engaged!

I wouldn’t be here without the airdrop (tbh, I’m not even sure why I was eligible - I think I had to bridge once a while back for an NFT), and given the threads I’ve noticed around “airdrop 2 eligibility”, I thought maybe I could provide some feedback there as well from a fresh perspective. I sold my airdrop allocation (like 400 $OP) instantly when I received it, mostly because I’ve received quite a few of these “stimmie” airdrops, and they almost always tank after launch, so I just wanted the free ETH (especially in these market conditions). Then I noticed how quickly $OP got listed on Coinbase, and that impressed me enough to make me regret my decision. So, I bought more, decided to poke around the ecosystem a bit, and here I am! TBH, not sure if I should be eligible for the 2nd airdrop, but I’d advise caution against blanket-cancelling everyone like me; maybe just make us poke around a bit more for eligibility (instead of just a bridge)?

If anyone made it this far, thanks for indulging the ramblings of a new user. Maybe there was something useful in here. But either way, I like it here so wanted to introduce myself - I hope to be able to contribute in the near future!



Hey @dono42 thanks for your introduction and welcome to the Optimism forum!

This forum is very intense these days, they are a lot of discussions going on at the same time, feel free to participate, always with respect!

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