Guide to Season 4: As a Collective

I think that in fact we will have even more different events, which will offer incentives for developers and the community to develop the ecosystem
But I can say with confidence that the results of the last few months are very impressive and the activity we’ve seen from everyone in the ecosystem in every field really looks inspiring

Too bad I missed this AMA, but I think there will be more opportunities like this

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thanks a lot for your graphics, very clear indeed. If you’re ok, i’d like to use it in one of my article. Ofc, i’ll quote you as the owner of this :slight_smile:


Yes, of course, pifafu created the graphics

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I was asking for the one of BriChris :wink:

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Yes, of course! <3 If you need another size, let me know


I very much like the ideas and the direction proposed for Season 4.

My main concern is lack of participation. I could be proven wrong, but it feels like governance participation might not be big/active enough yet for a system with complexity like this.

I still believe that we should push on but it’s something to be aware of. One thing I think governance within Optimism has sorely needed is abstraction layers. Participants who operate on a specific layer (e.g. join an alliance) shouldn’t have to understand how the entire system works, but just the parts that are specific to them. It’s something to think about for those who are creating educational material.


Our first wave of feedback

Hi community and governance members, from our side we are excited about this clear change in methodology for Season 4 to cover different objectives and ensure that they are met with a more thorough system. Iterating on the governance of Optimism has always been a priority, and we agree that this is one way we can make this upcoming season different. We are moving towards an “optimistic” future but we also stress the efforts to make governance as horizontal as possible in a feasible way, we can achieve this with the different proposals expressed here!

As expressed in “The Optimistic Vision”:

The Optimism Collective is a new model of digital democratic governance optimized to drive rapid and sustained growth of a decentralized ecosystem. The Collective is a band of communities, companies, and citizens united by a mutually beneficial pact to adhere to the axiom of impact=profit — the principle that positive impact to the collective should be rewarded with profit to the individual. This axiom serves as a North Star, motivating the creation of a more productive and empathetic economy.

We leave below our first feedback on the proposals discussed for season 4:


@Mingyue we are so optimise

Very well done :+1:, I’m super optimistic.

Wow. This is great. We were iterating OKRs in similar direction (to fit into more decentralized org than usual FAANG s) in Developer DAO. Kudos for developing such a comprehensive and understandable system.


very good, super command

all duly noted. great to see changes and improvements ongoing steadily …LFG

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very good. Great stuff

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We are the most optimistic optimists in the world! :blush: :blush: :blush:

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Look at the work done here. I’ll wait for all of them. Nice work buds.

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The OP team works really hard

Detailed experiment, only suggestion is posting clear impact driven KPIs with learning every month for evaluation of success and new experiments and introspection.

can be of great outcome…keep up the work

Very satisfied with the development of this protocol, huge fan