Grant Council Reviewer Nominations: Season 3

Ok - we’ll bite, here we go:

Council sub-committee: Growth Experiments

If you are a delegate, please provide the link to your delegate commitment: Delegate Commitments - #69 by Flipside Crypto

If you are a delegate, please indicate what % of votable supply is delegated to you: 1.14%

If you are a delegate, please indicate your voting participation rate in OP governance to date: 74.71% - due to administrative errors for Voting Period #2, disclosed here.

Please link to your voting history and any voting rationale you’ve shared:

Our voting histories are outlined in a Weekly Governance Round-Up, which we publish EOW. Here we discuss current events, key proposals, and convey our votes / rationales. You can see some here:

Or the most recent one, here.

Please outline any other contributions to the Optimism ecosystem to date:

We’ve made this killer app - hoping to better inform users, token holders, and delegates.

Plus, our OP data was used to calculate participation in Retroactive Delegate Rewards for Season 1 & 2

And lastly, The Optimist Score where OP users can attest their reputations score on-chain!

Give it a go here:

Do you have a technical background? If so, please elaborate: Fundamental & technical.

Did you serve on a committee in Season 2? If so, please specify which: Yes, DeFi Committee A

Please demonstrate any experience you believe is relevant to this role: A few other relevant roles:

Reviewer @ Aave Grants DAO (~1-year tenure), reviewing a myriad of grants and projects
Grant Committee @ Marinade, a $500,000 program helping futher secure SOL & mSOL
Scout @ SteelDAO (fka BessemerDAO), identifying early-stage projects and public goods

Please demonstrate expertise relevant to your Council sub-committee: Flipside Crypto participates alongside and develops it’s own growth experiments daily. It is embedded in our values.

We use data to judge the efficacy of Web3 projects’ growth.

We are builders, marketers, analysts, delegates, and operators, studying case studies of successful DAOs, L1 & L2s, while simultaneously building our own.

From 5+ years working in crypto full-time, our team remains focused on decision-making and growing the efficiency of DAOs - while onboarding more users.

Some personal experiences:

Marketing Intern @ Voyager Digital
DeFi Research / Junior Trader @ Proxima Capital
Governance Contributor @ Flipside Crypto
Lead Governance Contributor @ Flipside Crypto

You can read our Tweets here and our musings on Governance & crypto here.

Please describe your philosophy on what makes a good Governance Fund grant: ROI. How does this benefit Optimism first? And the crypto ecosystem second? Where can we get the highest return on a dollar.

What types of grant applications would you like to see or what RFPs would you create? I would focus on sectors previously ignored in the past cycles; bridging solutions to attract more users, marketing and education to empower users, and DeFi / Gaming integrations to retain users.

Please disclose any anticipated conflicts of interest: Flipside Crypto + any Ethereum delegations (Aave, MakerDAO, Hop, SushiSwap)

Please verify that you agree to abide by the delegate code of conduct : Yes

Please verify that you understand KYC will be required to receive Council rewards at the end of Season 3: Yes

Please verify that you are able to commit 12 hours / week to reviewing grant applications and other Council operations: Yes