GF:Phase 0 Proposal] Synthetix

I’m wondering if there could be something like an online Optimism University that could be full of courses and learning materials. Perhaps some PGF could go towards building it and getting people and protocols to create classes, content, etc. Thoughts?

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We are working on a soulbound token called Ethernaut XP (EXP) that can be earned by creating educational content. Our idea is to have identified contributors in terms of education and develop some compensation retroactively given by the token balance.


support this proposal :heart:

Synthetix that the first step user move on optimiism .very important for ecosystem. most support this
proposal. cheer up…

Synthetix was there right at the start using Optimism and championing it, I believe they would execute on this plan well which is saying alot in the current crypto landscape.

This is a gamechanger anyways

Fully support. Nice Proposal to be pushed forward.

great to see Synthetix here! One of the 1st DeFi protocols.

Cant say much but i feel there should be rewards for stakers too

Nice to see this proposal from Synthetix. Fully support this!

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It’s a great initiative and will motivate us to stake more SNX eventually making SNX a powerful Dapp on Optimism (it already is :slight_smile: )

Projects like these will help propel OP forward :100:

good Projects,forward OP

look forward to synthetix regaining its former glory : )

I support this proposal as it will help grow the L1-L2 galaxy

Synthetix and Optimism changeing world of defi

Just so you’re aware, voting on this proposal ends today. If you’ve delegated to yourself you can vote. Synthetix is part of the batch proposal so is linked to loads of others that met the required criteria:

I support this proposal. Allocating tokens and distributing them specifically to grants and developers is always nice and should help Synthetix and Optimism ecosystem growing. Also, distributing tokens for sUSD liquidity and SNX/sUSD pool on Optimism should bring more investors from mainnet to increase TVL on Optimism.

good project. Fully support!