[GF: Phase 0 Proposal] Perpetual Protocol

Good idea but i think its not sustainable, this will definitely bring new users and LPer but what’s after that. Once the liquidiy is gone, what will happen? If that the only reward then they will move on. You can see that from any project, flock of user using new project because of juicy rewards and once the reward is gone, so are the users. And on top of that, this only help big player.

Will some $op will be distributed to future users?


I am curious how you will divide the tokens among your three goals and how you can constrain the mercenaries. Perhaps you can use a vesting schedule? Kwenta’s draft proposal is interesting because it targets users of competing chains (GMX & dydx). This could help draw liquidity into Optimism


think you have only one goal, which is to encourage more users to use perp. Your current scheme can’t play its due role. If I were you, I would choose:

  1. If the transaction amount of the top 50000 new users exceeds $1000, each account will receive an additional 20 $OP, totaling 1 million;

  2. Open the liquidity mining of trading volume and take out 6 million OP to reward trading volume;

  3. Open the market making reward, take out 2 million OP and use the incentive to make the market;

This is done for the following reasons:

  1. No matter how new users drain, there will be precipitated users. Don’t worry about this;

  2. A large number of transaction volume incentives can catalyze many users to keep using the products of perp for a long time. Even the brush volume does not need to be worried, because with more operations, users will form a habit of products of perp and become dependent on perp;

  3. A large amount of trading volume will generate a large amount of agreement income, which can enable the holders of perp to obtain more benefits and dividends,

  4. The increase in trading volume will lead to a significant increase in the income of market makers. At this time, additional $OP reward will be given, and market makers will flock.


Hello, I also understand kwenta’s proposal. I have different opinions:
At present, the industry is in the early stage. The market is large enough and the cake is large enough. Kwenta should not only focus on the small sector of dydx, which will limit the source of funds and users ~
The perp incentive should be: all users and capital,can be dydx or GMX, uni, AAVE, coinbase, FTX, binance, or even a large influx of traditional funds and Investment institutions
The key point is to add new users and new transaction volume.

Perpetual Protocol is a good object ,i used it and feel smooth . so i support this proposal.wish better

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When is the snapshot time?

good, wait and see.

I am sad to hear about the Luna Partnership, I didn’t realize. You should look at their activities a little more in depth, I have devoted significant time to this along with participating in their governance forums. Terra is bad for it’s users, and bad for crypto. I could go into details for hours on their money making at the expense of their users. You can go look at @FatmanTerra on twitter also to get an idea. Perp, please consider terminating this partnership. As I boycott all Terra products I also do not associate with their affiliates or exchanges who allow their trade.

Defi is for the people not rigged governance votes, hurting people, and bringing governments down on crypto hard. Please consider my words, if you would like to have a conversation feel free to reach out. I can provide proof of many multiple illicit activities they have engaged in.

I realize this posting was likely before their more recent events, which hopefully may have shed at least some light onto their other activities. I am hoping you took this time to reevaluate.

It’s difficult to fully assess without knowing how the tokens will be distributed among the users described. But if the protocol is optimism native and doing that many transactions a day, then who is anyone to second guess?

i used this DApp a lot. support it.

love the app things are more faster

It is preety good for all community

I think this is a great project!

Its a great proposal but i think having incentives running for a year is just a long period of time. Maximum 6 months is good enough.

Would have liked to see a little more detail (splits / KPIs etc) and sense there is a lack of drive to expand the OP user base in the proposal (feels very B2B, with no B2C consideration) but support the general approach and hope to see some more innovative projects spring up, built on Perp

Good offer, I look forward to the experience.

i think it,s has a future

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