[GF: Phase 0 Proposal] Layer2DAO

lets go nice nfts L2DAO!


I have some layer2dao NFTs. I like what your proposal aims to achieve

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Will .L2 domain owner get OP with this proposal? I read twice but not sure about this. Thanks

I only came across Layer2DAO recently, maybe a month or two ago, but I can say it’s been a great experience. I feel like I barely scratch the surface of what the DAO offers as I pretty much just use the Discord to help discover and discuss DeFi. That alone however has been really valuable. Good sources of information and discussion. Also a very friendly community! Just figured I would share my positive experience and support for this proposal.


Layer2 coming with full force. Love it already!


Totally agree with this agreement and I will give you my vote in favour

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supper layer2DAO, it is a very solid project!


I appreciate everyone’s support in getting our governance fund proposal approved!


Dynamic NFTs it already sounds like a great idea. Really hope it will go through <3 !


Win-Win for Layer2DAO! OPTIMISM is rockin’ the space! #OP #OpEngage

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Thank you to the delegates who have been monitoring active grants, we appreciate you flagging unusual transactions related to L2DAO’s grant. The Foundation has spoken with the L2DAO team and they have shared a spreadsheet where they are tracking the OP tokens they are re-accumulating.

Grant recipients are expected to distribute their grants with complete transparency. If there are any distributions or transactions that deviate from what has been specified in a grant proposal, it should be disclosed to the community as soon as possible. While unspecified at the time this grant was made, there is a no-sale policy that prevents the type of transactions that were executed by L2DAO.

Optimism Grants are intended to incentivize the sustainable growth of value-aligned projects and communities in the Optimism ecosystem. More accountability will be built into the grants process in S3, the details of which will be shared very soon.

We appreciate the community speaking up when they have concerns that behavior is not aligned with those objectives. This is a good opportunity to review your delegations and re-delegate if you don’t believe your delegate is acting in accordance with your values.