[GF: Phase 0 Proposal] Clipper

Both of best Clipper and Optimism :+1:

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Hi! it seems that it is necessary to support the clipper team and community, as this will be fair. After all, for the sake of justice in a decentralized world, we have gathered

With love, ferrygan#2135

hi! WAGMI!! go ahead

Hi @Butterbum

See this: ttps://gov.optimism.io/t/gf-phase-0-proposal-clipper/1322/362

We’ve done everything we can. These actually are real people not bots, and we’re not trying to sybil, just trying to bring people into optimism community. It has admittedly got a bit away from us now, but I’m not sure what else we can do. We have an enthusiastic community.

What I would appreciate is if you commented on the substance of the proposal! that would prompt productive conversation rather than focusing on the commenters.


Thanks for the reply and you are totally correct by saying

Your proposal is fine and I don’t have a issue with it.

To explain my concerns in my earlier comments is we have to have some level of trust because once a proposal is approved technically that project could deviate from it.

I do apologies if my earlier comments were out of line. :v:

Clipper is super fast compared to Uniswap!

With Clipper live, I’ll never use Uniswap again :wink:

I think That’s good.

The best
can’t wait

Clipper is good. I have used for more than 6 months.

The Clippers will defeat the Charlotte Hornets in game 6 of the NBA Finals to become the 2023-2024 NBA Champions.

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Looking good, how to vote for this proposal and where to vote?
How to connect my vote to my Metamask wallet?

I’m optimistic about clipper… gonna be a blast:)

oh! I love clipper! AGREE!!! :kissing_heart:

I am optimistic about CLIPPER, needs to be discussed more tho.

voted For … Optimistic!!

great chance clipper user !!!

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Good stuff. interesting with a dex specialized for optimism

I believe in this team, they can do better

Let’s goooooooooo PIRATES!

use the op for gas.thats a very good idea.

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