[FINAL] OPdelegate.com

I am an Optimism delegate with sufficient voting power and I believe this proposal is ready to move to a vote.

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I am for any endeavour that advances data-driven decision-making. I support your Why and am just keen to better understand the how and what. As a member of a relatively new delegate team, we are probably a target audience segment. If I’m on the wrong tangent here, let me know.

Unfortunately, the YouTube analogy is a bit confusing for me because YT provides analytics for content and advertising within it’s own platform where data access makes it easy to track, quantify, accurately attribute and report a myriad of metrics.

I understand you would need this app to connect with wallets to provide a more granular, user-friendly UI for on-chain data - data akin to say this dune analytics dashboard?

What I’d like to understand is this concept of linking decisions + delegations because if you have a solution that can attribute off-chain w. on-chain data this would revolutionise our ability to quantify impact in real-time.

So a couple of questions because maybe I’m way of track here

  • Which type of decisions and activity would you initially want to capture?
  • Other than on-chain data which off-chain data sources do you plan to draw from to represent decisions
  • How do you connect and attribute on-chain data to off-chain data to determine the correlation between ‘decisions’ and ‘delegation’
  • And if you’re not drawing from off-chain data then to what extent (limitations) can you inform how decisions and activity affect delegation

I am an Optimism delegate with sufficient voting power and I believe this proposal is ready to move to a vote.

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Yes exactly, the idea is that the kinds of data in this dashboard is for those who want to judge the delegate program as a whole. We want to break down this data into wallet-specific actionable insights. It’s important to note that the main contributor of that dashboard, Michael Silberling, is an advisor on this project.

While dune dashboards are great and can be very useful, you are limited to on-chain data and their UI, which limits opportunities for improving and customizing the interface.

This is exactly what we want to do. Here is a very crude example about what one of the charts could look like:

All try to answer these questions:

  • The main thing to initially capture would be time-series wallet specific data + a breakdown of (on-chain) delegator demographics.
  • Anything with an API could be integrated, however the idea is to get the basic on-chain data available into a useable format for delegates first. Then add optimism-ecosystem events (airdrops) and then we can start adding more specific activities based on requests from delegates. It’s also important to note that this will be open source, and so if someone wants to join the development and add some integration (i.e. youtube) then they would be welcome to do that to earn any share of RPGF
  • Combining on and off chain data is relatively easy if there is an API for the off-chain data and everything is time series. To start, we just want to get the data out there in a useable format… delegates know what actions are happening
  • It’s important to note that we are NOT linking on-chain addresses of delegators to off-chain profiles, nor is it in the plans. As a delegate, you might be able to see that a new viral tweet gets you a few delegators, but you will not be able to see which delegators are also twitter followers.

I am an Optimism delegate with sufficient voting power , and I believe this proposal is ready to move to a vote.

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As a delegate who has been hoping for a dashboard like this for a long time, I’m excited to see this mission!

I am an Optimism delegate with sufficient voting power and I believe this proposal is ready to move to a vote.

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I represent KyberSwap, an Optimism Protocol Delegate for Season 4 with sufficient voting power, and we believe this proposal is ready to move to a vote.


Our team is really looking forward to seeing an analytics dashboard like this and believe it will be a huge help for delegates to understand how their activity/decisions impacts delegations. This mission also has the approval of 404 DAO and we are looking forward to it being put up to a vote. 404 DAO is an Optimism delegate with sufficient voting power.


OPdelegate.com can be a valuable resource by providing delegates with specialized information to understand, manage, and grow their delegations. Delegates can learn to make data-driven decisions using this tool, which can increase their participation in governance. Considering the difficulties delegates face in the decision-making process due to limited access to data, a platform like OPdelegate.com that enables easy access to information is a positive step forward.


I’ve mentioned in other forum posts, I’m a fan of @Michael’s work in Optimism, but unfortunately I couldn’t get to a yes in this proposal. Having more governance information would be useful but I felt the amount requested was too high for me.

Should have asked this earlier, @Michael you will make the code base open sourced, right ?

Yes the code will be 100% open source.

Better yet, once the base work is set anybody will be invited to participate in improving the website to earn a share of any RPGF that it generates.


At this point you have enough approvals, so really this is symbolic. But I’m leaning toward voting Against on this and here’s why:

I don’t think that delegations are fluid in the way that you describe. As in, I don’t think delegators are really actively managing their delegations in response to things that delegates do. I think at most, the average token holder delegates one time and then leaves it alone.

That being said, it looks like we will have the chance to really see if that’s the case, as you make this data available.

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I agree with you on this @chaselb, however I think that giving this data to the delegates will allow governance as a whole to discover the handful of ways in which people DO manage their delegation.

Also, any efforts to increase the fluidity of delegation (on which there has been a lot of discussion) would greatly benefit from having this kind of infrastructure already in place in order to judge the effects.

Like you say, the vote has passed and I’m excited to prove that this will be a worthwhile project.

As ITU Blockchain, we are aware that the inactivity of delegates poses a significant problem in terms of governance. The disconnection between management and delegates, as well as the delegates’ independence from their votes, is one of the major issues that hinders the efficiency of the process. Currently, delegates can only access the token amount owned by token holders, which creates a limit on community participation. We believe that the proposed dashboard will overcome these obstacles and support its open-source nature.

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Hi @Michael!

As Season 4 draws to a close this week, we’re so excited to see how you’ve executed on your Mission! Please post an update for the community here outlining the milestones you’ve met this Thursday (9/20) by 19:00 GMT. Please include links to any final work products as we’ll create a final roundup linking to all Mission deliverables.

We also encourage you to sign-up for RetroPGF Round 3. You’ll be able to describe the impact of your Mission when you sign-up: RetroPGF Round 3 Applications Are Open

Thanks again for being part of this experiment and helping us build the Collective :heart:

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Hello, OP Collective!

We are very excited to share the end-of-season update for OPDelegate.com.

To be fully transparent up front: we have not yet launched the website, which was one of our critical milestones. We have 2 out of the 3 charts in our milestones functioning end-to-end currently, however at launch we will have 6 charts which is double that of our critical milestone. We really want to launch as a complete tool and are still putting up the finishing touches. We expect the full launch to happen within the next 2 weeks, and this full launch will have more features that outlined in our original plan.

That said, we have made a LOT of progress to share with you. We built this website as a scalable platform from the ground up in a way that we can continue to add custom features and make this a real useful place for delegates.

You can see the current stable version of the website here. The first two charts you see are functioning end-to-end, and we are just ironing out the backend data pipeline for the rest of the charts.

Some of the things we built:

  • Custom design/branding scheme (check out the landing page!)
  • From-scratch data retrieval and caching backend.
    • Uses Dune + AWS lambda functions
    • Serverless (scales infinitely)
    • Cached delegate data allows for quick loading times on website (often a problem with web3 data websites)
  • Custom frontend
    • react-native based
    • modular, so that we can continue adding useful features for delegates

Full open-source code will be published soon, however we want to make sure we do a security review before publishing. If you’d like to see the github, feel free to send me a DM.

I hope you’ll see that we are indeed making a good-faith effort to complete this project and plan on improving the website well beyond what was outlined in our original proposal. I can’t wait to share the final product with you all soon.

Michael :red_circle: :sparkles:


Thanks for the update @Michael! Please not that all Missions will be able to showcase their work tomorrow during a dedicated Mission demo day on September 28th, at 16:00 GMT on the Discord mainstage!

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Demo Day - Mission Proposal Edition September 28th 2023 - 4pm UTC

Show off your Season 4 Mission Proposal accomplishments and milestones:

  • Each mission proposal will get 2 minutes to present
  • Summarize your mission proposal
  • List your milestones and the results of those milestones

Apply here - (Discord):

Presenter Discord Handle → must be in the Optimism Discord
Link to your mission proposal

Hey all, just wanted to say that this is now live exceeding the critical milestones outlined in the post.

That said, we have some major improvements and useful features coming very soon, which is why I am holding off on a bigger announcement until we are able to demo those (but will be before the start of S5).

Feel free to try out the current version and send feedback :slight_smile: