[FINAL] BanklessDAO’s Global Campaign to spread the Optimistic vision

Thank you for this proposal that reflects a professional approach to content planning, development and marketing. Love the transparency here, multilingual inclusiveness and the opportunity to collaborate with Bankless DAO’s skilled content creators and leverage your existing audience reach to raise awareness for the Optimistic Vision. This presents to me as a good investment of time and resources.

As a proponent of objective, quantifiable, content performance measures more granular KPIs would provide a valuable reference point to assess how content performance changes across different phases and approaches. Can you set a baseline, and indicate minimum campaign performance targets to report against end-of-season? I’d like to see performance data reported at least for each phase by channel, aggregate and averages are helpful but ideally basic metrics for each [linked] content piece (7 or 30 Days)

Example: Performance Bankless DAO Baseline + Optimism Campaign Target + Campaign Reporting

Approach Phase BD Baseline OP Target Actual (x Days)
Email Open Rate 1 30%
Email CTR 1 15%
Socials [Channel] Engagement 1 5%
Socials Link Clicks 1 10k
Articles CTR 1 - %