[DRAFT] Project cross-pollination through gaming

Hi @AdvantageBlockchain & @OPUser, thanks for the comments! I believe your questions overlap a bit, so I’m answering to both of you below:

I think the fundamental difference with the linked MRP is that this one is aimed at the creation of a gaming experience (vs a gamified educational platform or task portal). It would encourage builders to create videogames in which projects find synergies with each other, encouraging users to explore the OP ecosystem in more width and depth. For example it can be something as simple as “transacting in X DeFi Protocol unlocks a specific asset in the videogame”. I believe this is in line with your comment in the other post:

In short: the mission would be to build the POC of a videogame that encourages players to use other protocols and products from the Optimism ecosystem (but are not necessarily fully central to the game mechanic), and get some initial testers for it.

For full transparency and as an example, I’m motivated to apply to this MR myself with a videogame that I’m designing in which you can purchase NFTs as a way to sponsor an animal in a wildlife sanctuary (pilot with Senda Verde in Bolivia), and can modify the animal’s environment (kinda like Zoo Tycoon) where some of the assets can only be unlocked if you interacted with other smart contracts or own specific NFTs or ERC-20s.

However, I believe there’s potential for other really cool ideas with similar dynamics (e.g. a shooter in which the ammo is based on how much you donated to a Gitcoin round on Optimism.)

I hope this made it a bit more clear and tangible, and I’m looking forward to your feedback. If it did, how can I make it clearer on the proposal?

Also, do you think the budget is better justified with this clarification? I personally think it’s actually rather on the lower bound (thus only requesting a POC, and not a more developed game), but I’m curious to hear your take.

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