[DRAFT] [GF: Phase 1 Proposal] iZUMi Finance

Hey MinimalGravitas! Thanks for your attention. The data source comes form DefiLIama (iZUMi Finance: TVL and stats - DefiLlama) and iZUMi Finance (iZiSwap Analytics). Firstly, the time of liquidity mining campaign conducted on Polygon and Arbitrum is too short to maintain the LPs. Therefore, we have adjusted the duration to 8 - 12 months for Optimism for this time. In this case, we can bring more lasting TVL to Optimism. Secondly, pools on Polygon and Arbitrum are dominated by stablecoins which have low yield. The proposal will also adjust it on Optimism.

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Nice to see iZUMi finance will do something on Optimism. I ues iZUMi Finance for few month, I am very impressed with its LiquidBox model, maybe this means iZUMi is about to start supporting the OP network?

I did some research about iZUMi, and I wanna say its a good thing about a decent protocol such as iZUMi wanna get in touch with the optimism, I would like to see it happen.

I think this proposal will bring optimism get into more promising dapp ecosystem, and get more potential Defi users.

Will you bring more liquidity mining pools on optimism? If this proposal successful, I just wanna have more choice on optimism network.

Cool! Thank you for the compliment on LiquidBox! We are working hard to improve our products, and there will be more activities in the early OP. Stay tuned!

Sure, we want to bring more liquidity on optimism by dual reward farming. Welcome to be the liquidity provider!

A good news in this bear market, I really interested in the combination of izumi and optimism.

Had a Great and splendid experience while using the iZUMi, It’ll be great if thier request is granted, I believe they’ve a whole lot of positive contribution to make in the space.

Thanks for reply, I am very much looking forward to the passage of this proposal.

I kind of think innovative Defi protocol like iZUMi can bring long term value to Optimism, maybe its time to find out.

I saw izumi’s TVL and volume remain stable and growing in the bear market, maybe the cooperation with OP is a good attempt.

Have read izumi’s docs, their LaaS and DL-AMM model is very different from other dex.

LiquidBox, interesting, I gonna try it in other network first

If izumi support optimism and launch stablecoin farming on op network, that would be great.

So many new accounts that simply give empty praise and no questions. Feels like the clipper thread all over again.

Update your main post to include period of distribution, method of distribution and a clear cut answer of matching incentives.

ETH pairs are fine, will you be reserving some of the OP to incentivize OP pairs? Since distribution is going to happen overtime, are you aware that you should not self delegate under the new Operating Manual V.2?


Hi Netrim, thanks for your reply. Our period of distribution is 8-12 months, and OP tokens will be given out as incentives during the dual rewards farming program, which are mentioned in the proposal. Because we want to contribute to OP ecosystem, we will also incentive OP pairs. We would be grateful if there are delegates recommend our project :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the proposal! If you plan to have this reviewed in Voting Cycle 6, can you please specify which committee should review your proposal (NFTs and Gaming, Tooling, or DeFi) under the grant category field in the updated proposal template for Cycle 6?

Hi Lavande, our proposal belongs to DeFi~

Great! There is a new proposal template here that you’ll need to use which will have you specify DeFi as your committee.

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