[DEPRECATED] Velodrome early proposal

TVL now $34.5 million, overtaking Curve and $1.5 million from overtaking Uniswap on Optimism.

Now ahead of Perpetual Protocol ($32mm vs $28mm), which just received 9MM OP.
~600 DAU at Velodrome vs Perpetual’s ~200-300
They’re well ahead in volume, though, at ~10mm vs ~2mm last 7 day avg.

As I am writing this, Velodrone is the number 1 DEX on Optimism by TVL. So KUDOS.

Things I like about the proposal:

  1. Actual KPIs for each section
  2. Clear and defined percentages

Things I don’t like about the proposal:

  1. I think token amount is a bit too big for my taste, but I understand it’s based on 4 underlying requests. With Relay being the one I would be against.
  2. As I understand veVELO, it’s not clear to me how the incentives will be matched exactly. I think a great addition to the proposal would be having actual matched incentives from Velodrone Team. Checking Velodrone docs I see you have reserved 10% of VELO to the Team and 24% to Protocol/DAOs. The proposal would be superior with a very clear statement of matching incentives.

Follow up question to myself.
Since the template doesn’t include the information, did Velodrome receive in the past or will receive OP directly from OP Labs as part of their Partner Funds?

I see you already announced it on Twitter https://twitter.com/VelodromeFi/status/1545434763951017986


The Velodrome project is a good project i think it,s good for the users the get a drop off op

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Velodrome is the number 1 DEX on Optimism !!! , This will bring a lot of TVL into OP I support Velodrome

Just checking in to see if you would like this proposal to be evaluated in Voting Cycle #6 according to the updated grant proposal template?

hey @lavande , thanks for the heads up. this one’s on ice indefinitely.