Delegate Commitments [OLD]

Name: Llama

Address or ENS: 0x5B3bFfC0bcF8D4cAEC873fDcF719F60725767c98

Discord username: HelloShreyas :llama:#2656

Verification (Tally profile or tweet):

I have read and understood the Delegate Commitment Process: Yes.

I understand that becoming a delegate is a significant commitment: Yes.

My reasons for wanting to be a delegate: Llama builds economic infrastructure for DAOs. We have worked with some of the leading DAOs on on-chain governance and treasury allocations, including Aave, Uniswap, dYdX, Gitcoin, Radicle, PoolTogether, FWB, Harvest Finance, and Fei Protocol, among others. We would like to be a delegate for Optimism because we are excited about Optimismโ€™s potential to expand crypto to a wide range of builders and users. As one of the most active participants in protocol governance, we hope to bring a similar level of rigor and expertise to the Optimism ecosystem as we have with other protocols.

My view on the Optimistic Vision 44: We think DAOs are a defining coordination mechanism and Optimismโ€™s focus on funding public goods is critical. Over time, governance will become increasingly important to ensure that the Optimism Collective can grow and sustain the network.

My view on the first three articles of the Working Constitution: The Optimism network and DAO is in too early of a stage to be rigid about specific rules. A spirit of experimentation encapsulated in the working constitution is important to ensure that the network evolves with the evolving demands of the crypto and broader internet ecosystem. The working constitution will not stay in effect for longer than four years. Progressive decentralization from the foundation to the community makes sense as long as the foundation is fairly transparent and responsive to the changing needs of the community.

My Web3 interests: DAOs, DeFi, governance, economics, developer tools.

Languages I speak and write: Members of our community speak English, Hindi, Russian, French, Mandarin, Bengali, Tamil, Kannada, and probably a few more Iโ€™m missing!

My skills and areas of expertise: Our community consists of solidity engineers, DeFi strategists, data analysts, quants, and accountants. We have implemented on-chain proposals, constructed treasury strategies, designed liquidity incentive programs and on-chain indices, and built analytics dashboards and financial reports.