Delegate Commitments [OLD]

Name: Flipside Crypto

Address or ENS: flipsidecrypto.eth

Discord: fig#6582

Twitter Handle: @flipsidecrypto

Verification (Tally profile or tweet): Verification Tweet - Flipside Crypto

We have read and understood the Delegate Commitment Process:

We (the governance team at Flipside Crypto) acknowledge and understand the Delegate Commitment Process

We understand that becoming a delegate is a significant commitment:

We (the governance team at Flipside Crypto) acknowledge and understand that becoming a delegate is a significant commitment.

Our reasons for wanting to be a delegate:

Flipsideโ€™s mission is to help blockchains succeed. We want to become Optimism delegates, because we believe Layer 2s, and specifically Optimism, are a core piece to scaling the new digital economy on top of Ethereum.

Flipside Governance participates in more than a dozen protocols across Ethereum, Solana, Algorand, Flow, and a number of Cosmos SDK chains. We work closely with Aave, SushiSwap, Marinade, and MakerDAO - and have on-chain proof of participation. We aim to bring our expertise and one of the few full-time Governance teams in the industry to help Optimism strengthen its governance and voting processes.

As a delegate, Optimism gains full access to our time and resources, a team of 70+ with robust data science & infrastructure capabilities, and our community of 12,000+ data analysts.

On top of that, we will contribute hands-on expertise in voting, writing, and passing proposals. We are active community members in protocols that we engage with - you can find us actively participating on governance forums, Discord, and Twitter.

Our view on the Optimistic Vision 42:

Through our analytical bounty and scavenger programs, Flipside Crypto embodies the axiom impact=profit. Flipside Community members take the time and initiative to build out dashboards and analytics, providing unique insights for a range of protocols & DAOs.

Flipside believes that public goods inform and empower the average crypto user better than closed source alternatives. Optimism is pioneering this vision and advocating for profitability at the same time. We want to help Optimism follow through on its vision and improve Web3 accountability, one build at a time.

Our view on the first three articles of the Working Constitution:

Article 1: Every DAO experiences different Growth trajectories. As partners of DAOs in different stages of maturity and TVL, we believe it is important to allow for flexibility while building with speed. Enough structure to support, as much freedom as possible, is our guiding principle.

Article 2: While token holders are entitled to certain rights, they are not what makes up a DAO by themselves - Governance comes in many forms and is in need of innovation. Optimism must find a balance between value creation and encouraging participation among community members. We acknowledge multiple assets exist to make up a DAO and are excited by the experimental use of emerging new mechanisms, like โ€œsoulboundโ€ NFTs.

Article 3: As Compound has shown, and as we have seen in our work with MakerDAO, there is a way for organizations to become more decentralized over time. We believe that having the Optimism Foundation as a steward in the early stages of development is instrumental, as the Foundation can provide the insight and knowledge necessary for building a strong product that can then enable successful decentralization.

Our Web3 interests:

Data Analytics, Bounty & Grants Programs, Layer 1s & Layer 2s, Governance, and DAOs (see MetricsDAO)

Languages we speak and write:

Our core governance team is composed of members who are fluent in English, German, and Mandarin.

Our skills and areas of expertise:

Flipside is a Web3 company with experience in building tools, communities, and recently DAOs. We partner with major networks & protocols to drive data analytics and user acquisition.

Flipside Governance, a department of Flipside Crypto, was established in September 2021, to directly support and contribute to DAO governance, and increase participation in our partner communities - thereby helping to improve the efficiency of this critical piece of protocol health.

We are committed to using this team and experience to improve DAOs one proposal at a time.

Flipside Governance is one of the few full-time governance teams in the industry. We have developed a deep understanding of the needs and of the flow of information in governance processes as well as key tooling necessary to be successful.

Our members currently sit on a range of committees and boards: Review Committee at Aave Grants DAO, Transferability Committee at Paladin, and DeFi Committee at MonkeDAO.