Delegate Commitments [OLD]

Name: Dane Lund

Address or ENS: danelund.eth

Discord username: Diomedes10#2050


I have read and understood the Delegate Commitment Process: Yes

I understand that becoming a delegate is a significant commitment: Yes

My reasons for wanting to be a delegate: I am the Head DAO Architect at Alliance DAO. Alliance DAO is a community of builders that is focused on supporting Web3 founders individually and collectively succeed. Alliance believes that Optimism is building a foundation for Web3 projects that need the functionality of EVM without the gas intensity. Among many reasons for wanting to participate in Optimism’s governance, three reasons motivate me to apply: (1) Optimism is building core infrastructure for the Ethereum ecosystem; (2) Optimism will be increasingly important for Alliance founders; and (3) Optimism will play an important role in helping DAOs govern increasingly large pools of capital. I believe that by directing capital to support public goods in the Optimism and Ethereum communities will generate significant value to these three causes.

We believe Optimism will provide long-term value to the Ethereum ecosystem. Optimism’s focus on EVM equivalence and minimalism enable projects to access the core functions of Ethereum with high fidelity and low friction while reducing the gas intensity of operating directly on mainnet. The coming release of Bedrock represents the culmination of years of experience and trial-and-error that we believe will give developers even greater confidence to build on Optimism. Secure, battle-tested L2s are a gateway through which Web3 innovations will thrive.

Optimism is a scaling solution for a number of projects that have graduated from our accelerator, including Synthetix and Perpetual Protocol. We believe Optimism will be an L2 of choice for many future cohort participants, given the demand for EVM equivalence and the ease of integration via Optimism. I aim to represent the views of our founders and cohort companies who have a vested interest in Optimism’s reliability and improvement.

I believe we are approaching a point where L2 solutions will be critical to DAO function, specifically. As we see more experimentation with governance, we need an EVM equivalent L2 that reduces the transaction cost of governance. Delegated hierarchies, subdaos, and pods present exciting opportunities to augment governance systems, but the pace and quality of experimentation will be suboptimal unless DAOs build governance on L2, thereby minimizing gas costs. Optimism is a prime candidate for enabling better governance for DAOs.

By participating in the governance of the Optimism Collective, I aim to be a steward of the mission to direct funding to public goods that benefit builders in the Ethereum and Optimism communities in furtherance of the three purposes I listed.

My view on the Optimistic Vision : We believe that incentives drive outcomes. Web3 projects have created more tangible incentives for actions and relationships that were previously difficult to quantify. Optimism’s view that impact=profit is an extension of our view that well-engineered, traceable incentives create optimal value for collective activities.

Ownership and rewards are the most reliable way to attract talented builders to address problems that affect the collective. While there are noble examples of altruists who create public goods, altruism is not reliably abundant, and it is most often an individual trait rather than a trait of teams. Web3 building requires focused teams, and ownership and rewards offer predictable incentives that can guide teams to increase the common good.

Optimism’s vision touches on a matter of necessity. Web3 needs communities that strive to create incentives to build public goods. There are many Web3 participants who seek to extract rents and game systems for profit to the detriment of the community. Optimism’s vision is a rallying point for capable builders to push against short-termism, thereby ensuring that over the long run, value will compound for the entire community.

My view on the first three articles of the Working Constitution:

Article 1: At Alliance, we emphasize that the greatest systems start simple. To create a rigid model of governance without the benefit of incremental feedback on specific governing rules is to govern in a vacuum. In my constant review of DAO governance systems, I see that the most successful communities adopt minimal procedural principles and adopt specific rules as specific needs arise.

I often speak with Alliance cohort companies of the importance of experimentation in improving governance throughout Web3. The results of the experiments need to be intelligible in order to provide appropriate feedback. If the results of governance experiments are documented and made broadly available, the record of the experiments are, themselves, public goods. Optimism and other DAOs can study each others’ governance trials to consider how prospective rules could affect their own communities.

As we learn more about how rules function with specific communities, we need to permit those communities to adapt to their reality and adopt the rules that best suit them. For that reason, it is important that the Constitution is focused on flexibility. We should only adopt enough order to initiate a worthwhile experiment, while limiting the potential downsides of path dependence.

By virtue of the commitment to experimentation, it follows that the Constitution should be transitory at inception. We may discover sound methods of governing that are unimaginable to us at the moment, which would make dogmatic reference to the original document unproductive. An example of governance innovations that had no application in the recent past is Optimism’s adoption of soulbound tokens for the Citizens House. We may discover incredible utility from using soulbound tokens that, had a governing document conflicted with the adoption of those tokens, would have stunted the development of the governance system.

The goal of creating a Bedrock Constitution is helpful: at some point governance history may require documentation of foundational rules. The Bedrock Constitution should incorporate the principle of flexibility and the capacity for amendment in order to sustain the spirit of innovation.

Article 2 : Basic token-weighted governance has not proven to work for collectives. I have studied DAOs that are purportedly flat in structure and repeatedly these DAOs show gulf in participation between a small number of repeat-participants and the mass of inactive participants. Without balance of power, a few actors grab power, which alienates most would-be contributors.

Optimism’s bicameral structure is a compelling way to balance short term needs with long term, stable decision making. Variants of the bicameral model worked for Rome (Senate / Tribunes), Sparta (ephors / gerousia) and for many constitutional structures in modern government.

It is too early to assess whether the specific reserved powers for the Citizens’ House and Token House will provide sufficient controls. Experimentation will provide feedback that will help inform which powers should be reserved to which house.

Article 3: I am very familiar with Cayman Foundation Companies, as I have researched the option for Alliance DAO and for other DAOs. I believe that structures like the Cayman Foundation, which permit significant flexibility in organizational design, are a stepping stone, but not an end state, in building successful DAOs.

If the Optimism Foundation faithfully administers the vision of progressive decentralization, it will have fulfilled a critical function for the Optimism ecosystem. As drafted (presumably in the Memorandum of Association), the Board’s powers present an additional dimension of separation of powers. The Foundation can have a stabilizing effect if the initial allocation of powers between the Citizens’ House and Token House is not perfectly balanced. Over time, it should be made clear what powers the Citizens’ House and Token House have relative to the Foundation and whether the Foundation will have the ultimate goal of sharing the power to amend the Constitution or ceding the power altogether.

My Web3 interests:
DAOs, Governance, Legal, Economics, Writing

Languages I speak and write:
Please choose from the ISO 639-1 list en

My skills and areas of expertise: I was trained as a corporate governance attorney. I left the practice of law to become an investment banker, then an investor, on my way to becoming an entrepreneur. Through my path, I gained a wide variety of organizational experience. Now, I focus my time both on DAO design and helping Web3 founders think through complex issues in tackling their product roadmaps at Alliance. I speak to founders of DAOs, protocols, and Web3 tools on a daily basis about the problems they face and I act as a thought partner to work with them to find long term solutions.

I have been an active participant in public policy and governance policy discussions. I testified to the Wyoming state legislature regarding amendments to their DAO LLC statute; I participate in DeFi Education Fund projects; I am part of the World Economic Forum DAO Working Group; and I participate regularly in conference panels on DAOs. I have a passion for governance design and am fortunate to have made it my daily work.

My favorite Web3 projects: Alliance DAO cohort companies and several others.

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Name : Mike / mjs

Address or ENS: mjs.eth

Discord username : mjs#4022

Verification (Tally profile or tweet): Tweet

I have read and understood the Delegate Commitment Process: Yes

I understand that becoming a delegate is a significant commitment: Yes

My reasons for wanting to be a delegate:

I am one of the founders of Lyra - the first Optimism native project. To realise the Optimistic Vision, there must be effective collaboration between OP governance and the projects that call Optimism home.

Lyra has built a protocol, community and ecosystem on Optimism and has experienced the unique opportunities and the challenges of doing so in an Optimism native way.

By sharing these learnings, I can help make Optimism the best place to build a Web3 project.

My view on the Optimistic Vision:

The longer I spend in crypto, the more I realise it’s all about coordination. The Optimistic Vision is a bold attempt to redefine the way we coordinate that leverages the innate strengths of the internet.

One of the biggest advantages of internet software is that it can be freely replicated, making it a perfect public good. However, without a business model, we have been forced to undermine this strength with paywalls and a closed source mindset.

If retroactive public goods funding is successful, free and open-source software will be able to take centre stage as we build the next generation of the internet.

My view on the first three articles of the Working Constitution:

  1. We’ve embraced iterative governance at Lyra and are strong believers in it. The important thing is to codify how the governance process itself can change (i.e. meta-governance) early on so that changes can be transparent and democratic.
  2. It’s imperative that we as a community move beyond coin voting, which suffers from being inherently plutocratic.
  3. I believe the Optimism Foundation is a necessary evil at this stage. While Lyra is strictly DAO first, we understand the scale of infrastructure projects like Optimism and the need for entities to exist in the beginning.

My Web3 interests: DAOs, DeFi, Economics, Governance, Infrastructure

Languages I speak and write: en

My skills and areas of expertise: TBA

My favorite Web3 projects: Lyra, Uniswap, Optimism


It seems I can’t update the original post. The original Tweet is deleted. I’ll share the new Twitter link here again.

Name : Darwin

Address or ENS: 0xc540eb6c7B3e44Ef8A45dB3aD8618404bAEd88F6

Discord username : Alext#7094

Verification (Tally profile or tweet): Tally ID: 42NOMY

I have read and understood the Delegate Commitment Process: Yes

I understand that becoming a delegate is a significant commitment: Yes

My reasons for wanting to be a delegate: I am 5 years in “crypto” - 2 years full time - Freedom, creation and power of the decentralization has kept me here . With Optimism I belive we can empower creators, praise freedom, value contribution, democratize and in all of this If can help even by a little to achive its North Star I will be satisfied.

My view on the Optimistic Vision : I believe Ethereum has crutial role in reshaping the future we live in. Using all L2’s optimism form its early beginings with SNX and after with several other Optimism dapps I can say by my personal experience its structural design and its proposed governance mechanism that has very good propositionto play significant role as railroad of WEB3 and Ethereum. The onepages outlining the Optimism Vision is realistic foundation for better future for common good.

My view on the first three articles of the Working Constitution:
1st. article - Very reasonable - start ,experiment, learn implement, adapt, and start again.
2nd. article: Bicameral governance system I belive is pragmatic check and balance approach aligning long term vision of Optimism network with short term incentives of the participants, lets see how it goes.
3rd. article. It is crutial to have Optimism Foundation activily steering the embarkment of the optimism “ship” towards the blue ocean, “carefully let the child grow”

My Web3 interests:
Choose ≤ five from the following set. List them as comma-separated values as your answer, like: “A, B, C”.

A Data and analytics
B Security

Languages I speak and write:
en, de, ru, mk, srb, bg

My skills and areas of expertise: NGO sector, Executive MBA

My favorite Web3 projects: [optional]
Pocket Network, Kyber Network, Dfinity

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Name: Devon Zuegel

Address or ENS: devonzuegel.eth

Discord username: devon#4561

Verification (Tally profile or tweet): https://

I have read and understood the Delegate Commitment Process: Yes, I read and understand it

I understand that becoming a delegate is a significant commitment: Yes, I understand

My reasons for wanting to be a delegate: I find the underlying values of web3 and crypto incredibly compelling, especially as articulated by the people in the Optimism community, and I have been following crypto closely ever since the Ethereum whitepaper came out in 2014. It seems obvious that (a) trustless computation and (b) a public, trustless, immutable database are revolutionary primitives that will unlock amazing things we haven’t seen before.

And yet, I’m generally skeptical of most web3 so far, because the vast majority are self-referential; most excitement for crypto products is predicated on the appreciation of crypto itself, rather on something that people value independently from crypto. I’ve been following this space for 8 years, and I’ve yet to see an application that isn’t deeply “meta”. As cool as many of those are, what I really want to see is web3-style solutions tackling existing problems we have in the world. I think this is possible, but I just haven’t seen much of it yet.

So with all that, my interest in participating in Optimism is that I’d like to do my part to shepherd the community towards more of those concrete applications that will change the way people live and relate to each other. I’m optimistic we can make it happen. :slight_smile:

My view on the Optimistic Vision: It’s incredibly exciting to find a community that values public goods as much as I do, and understands that coordination problems are central to almost every major problem that humans have struggled most to solve.

I’m curious to see what concrete steps the Optimism community takes to actual solve these sorts of problems. It’s easy to point out that coordination problems are the source of many of our troubles, and it’s a different thing entirely to actually execute on novel solutions to solve those problems.

My view on the first three articles of the Working Constitution: I’m excited to be part of the evolution of this governance system, and that it’s intentionally designed to be flexible, responsive, and iterative. In the same spirit, if I’m elected as a delegate, I plan to start with a self-imposed term limit of 3 months. After that, I’ll reflect on whether I feel like I’m making a meaningful contribution to the ecosystem and decide whether I should continue being a delegate.

My Web3 interests: Economics, Infrastructure, Legal, Messaging, Music

Languages I speak and write: English (native), Spanish (fluent), German (elementary)

My skills and areas of expertise: economics, game theory, urban design, programming, product design, tools for thought

My favorite Web3 projects: The biggest exception to the skepticism I mentioned earlier that I’ve seen so far is Audius: https ://


Name: Jacob

Address or ENS: jacob.willemsma.eth

Discord username: Jacobw#1996

Verification: Tally | 49Z8L4

I have read and understood the Delegate Commitment Process: Yes :white_check_mark:

I understand that becoming a delegate is a significant commitment: Yes :white_check_mark:

My reasons for wanting to be a delegate:
I believe that Optimism is good for Ethereum and am a strong believer in the use of L2 networks to further democratize access to the ideals provided by Ethereum.

Additionally, I’ve contributed to Public Goods personally with my time and talents at ETHGlobal, which was a fortunate recipient in Optimism’s first retroactive grants round and have a first-hand understanding of operating a Public Good.

I’m thrilled to see that Optimism embraces both Ethereum and Public Goods with open arms and is building out its Optimistic vision around these topics. As both topics are the focus of my time and energy, I’d be honoured to participate in this process as a delegate.

My view on the Optimistic Vision:
I love the axiom of impact=profit and have seen ETHGlobal grow from a small team running a couple of events to dozens of yearly events and a team of nearly 15. There’s an incredible positive feedback cycle I’ve observed between either side of the equality—impact increases profit, and profit can be reinvested to produce additional impact.

It’s very easy to be (and remain) pessimistic about the future but optimism is the currency of progress. I believe the vision laid out by Optimism will play a part in creating a better future for humanity.

My view on the first three articles of the Working Constitution:

  1. In the USA over the last month or so, regardless of position on the issue, we’ve seen the instability that can be caused by an immutable constitution. Web3 + Ethereum is still in its infancy and it seems only natural to me that we should adopt a commitment to flexibility and experimentation. I look forward to building a more long-term constitution from the learnings over a long period.
  2. I’m excited to see how this model will play out and adapt over time. Checks and balances are fundamental to ensure a calibrated system.
  3. I think the Optimism Foundation should look to the Ethereum Foundation as an example of how to be a great steward like this. I believe it’s necessary for any community to start with an initial strong vision and leadership, as the Collective will grow, naturally, leaders in specific topics of the ecosystem will emerge, leading to a more decentralized, constantly growing, Collective.

My Web3 interests:
Accessibility, Identity, Governance, Social impact, Events

Languages I speak and write:
en, fr

My skills and areas of expertise:
Thoughtful communication, organization, software development, business development, management.

My favorite Web3 projects:


Name : Nick Tong (Perpetual Protocol Foundation Team)

Address or ENS : tongnk.eth

Discord username : tongnk#3282

Verification : Tweet

I have read and understood the Delegate Commitment Process : :white_check_mark:

I understand that becoming a delegate is a significant commitment : :white_check_mark:

My reasons for wanting to be a delegate :
Hi all, I’m Nick from Perpetual Protocol foundation team. We’re a decentralised derivates exchange and one of the leading protocols that currently operates on Optimism. We’re a big believer in composability and have been actively bringing partner projects over to deploy on OP. Having committed to making OP our home, we’d love to be an $OP delegate to help shape the future of Optimism.

My view on the Optimistic Vision:
Completely agree that we need to create a space that is owned by its citizens rather than a select few. The focus on composability excites us on the future of the space and it’s something we can’t wait to see play out

My view on the first three articles of the Working Constitution:

  1. This is a working constitution : Agree. This is a very similar approach that we take at Perp as we believe in the need to continually learn and improve.
  2. OP Citizens and OP Holders will equally coexist within the Collective : Agree on this view. It’s extremely important that we place emphasis on the balance - too often projects skew either side.
  3. The Optimism Foundation will be a steward of the Optimism Collective and its early governance model : We understand that there needs to be some entity to start with to help facilitate governance and push things forward. Given there isn’t a strong blueprint for the best way to decentralise (without trading off speed of execution) the plan to gradually decentralise makes the most sense

My Web3 interests :
Defi, DAOs, Governance

Languages I speak and write :
I speak English however there are members of the team that speak Chinese as well

My favorite Web3 projects : Big fan of Ribbon and Frax


Name: StableNode

Address or ENS: stablenodegov.eth

Discord username: bobby#4885

Verification (Tally profile or tweet): Tweet

We have read and understood the Delegate Commitment Process: Yes

We understand that becoming a delegate is a significant commitment: Yes

Our reasons for wanting to be a delegate:

StableNode is a governance research and investment firm focused on the DeFi and NFT space. StableNode also provides a full suite of services around governance with both implementation and active participation as a delegate.

The Governance Lab of the StableNode team is on a mission to provide decentralized governance best practices to ecosystems. There is no one-size-fits-all solution but a framework of principles and tools that articulate alternative paths based on each ecosystem’s maturity level. Our primary focus is working with the community to develop this framework and continue to facilitate innovation within this domain.

Our view on the Optimistic Vision:

At StableNode, we believe that public funding is essential to developing a non-financial-driven web3. We believe that the focus should be on encouraging developers to take a different approach to web3 and focus more on public goods where a lot of development is made. Even though public goods are necessary to the space, there is a lack of funding, making it a less attractive role for developers.

Initially, the blockchain space was born out of a need to change the current financial and political standards that we have. The Optimistic vision details a necessary future and sets a new standard for public funding that is sustainable and will encourage new developers to focus on this field while not sacrificing the financial gain they would gain elsewhere.

Our view on the first three articles of the Working Constitution:

  1. This is a “Working” Constitution.

Currently, we are in the exploration stage of governance, and it is refreshing to see a protocol acknowledge this and encourage continuous experimentation throughout the next few years.

Decentralized governance is relatively a new field within Web3. It is an important topic that we need to continue working on. Many problems such as voting mechanisms, delegate incentives, and plutocracy need to be tackled. We believe that the best way to succeed is to practically try new governance methods in protocols and understand what is successful or detrimental to a protocols governance framework. The theory is essential, but it can only get you so far. We are excited to be a delegate for a protocol that prioritizes experimentation.

  1. OP Citizens and OP Holders will equally coexist within the Collective.

This experimentation hopes to tackle problems such as misaligned incentives through token holders or plutocracy. Such issues are prominent in the space and allow token holders to prioritize their financial gains over long-term improvement. With the citizen house maintaining control over the retroactive public funding it realigns incentives in a more fruitful manner.

Those individuals from the token house might be against public funding as this means reduced financial gains for themselves, but those from the citizen house who have no financial incentives for OP would want to see the space move forward and see those actors developing public goods be compensated fairly.

  1. The Optimism Foundation will be a steward of the Optimism Collective and its early governance model.

We favor the foundation initially leading the governance front while the framework and structure of the OP governance are being built. With token holders and delegates initially not having a financial incentive to contribute, it is most likely that progress would be slower without a foundation. Over time as the structure and framework are built, as mentioned in the working collective, it would be expected that the foundation would slowly release the responsibilities to the DAO.

Our Web3 interests:

DAOs, Data and analytics, DeFi, Governance, Social impact

As a team, we speak the following languages:

en, ko, da, de, es, zh

Our skills and areas of expertise: Governance and Growth

We are currently delegates at Element Finance, InstadApp, MakerDAO, and others.

What voters can expect from StableNode:

We will use our expertise to import the most promising practices within governance to guide Optimism governance to a more sustainable approach.

We want to help facilitate discussions where we can identify the best practices and recognize how to tackle core problems within governance such as plutocracy, voter apathy, and lack of experimentation.

As delegates, we pursue:

  • Active participation in votes
  • Transparency for each vote
  • Open discussion and contribution to the DAO forum
  • Contribute to the innovation and development of governance frameworks

Conflicts of Interest

StableNode acts as delegates on other protocols. All of our governance participation is public.


姓名 :datangxinyu

**地址或 ENS:**17777.eth

不和谐用户名 :datangxinyu#3571

验证 (Tally 个人资料或推文):



**我想成为代表的原因:**I have been using the Ethernet chain, the L2 also have a good understanding, are very optimistic about the OP of the future, the hope can pass my knowledge to better for everyone services.

我对 乐观愿景的看法 :I very much agree with Optimism vision, I believe it will in the next few years the world have a significant impact.

我对《 工作章程》 前三条的 看法:It represents about web3 governance refreshingly Frank viewpoint–we do not expect that right from the start, but with an open mind start a journey, prepare for the test。

**我的 Web3 兴趣:**defi dao
从以下集合中选择 ≤ 5 个。将它们列为逗号分隔值作为您的答案,例如:“A、B、C”。


**我说和写的语言:**ch en
请从ISO 639-1中选择 列表

我的技能和专业领域: [可选]web3

我最喜欢的 Web3 项目: [可选]ens,

Thank you to everyone who’s signed up so far to participate in Optimism Governance as a Token House delegate! We’re excited to work with you to build the future of the OP Collective.

A few administrative notes:

  1. The image associated with your ENS address will be used alongside your signup response on the Optimism website at claim time. If you want to have a non-default image, go update your ENS avatar. Instructions to do so are here.

  2. We’ve updated the list of “interests” with a few new options due to popular demand. You are welcome to revisit the list and update the interests you included in your sign-up response!

  3. This post marks the cutoff for delegate signups that will appear on the Optimism website when OP is available to claim. Delegate signups will always remain open, and tokenholders will be able to delegate or re-delegate their voting power to any valid address at any time. The signup process outlined on this thread is designed to make it easy for people claiming OP in Airdrop #1 to select a delegate who can represent their interests. Signups posted after this message will not be shown as part of the claim website, although they are still valid delegate signups. If you missed this cutoff, don’t worry — this is only the first airdrop, and we expect delegation and Token House governance to go through many iterations.

For questions or feedback, chime in on the Delegation Questions and Feedback thread.


Please Extend the cutoff dates for delegate signups to another day or two since the OP Phase 0 has also been extended to May 27th.

I know of a few more delegates that are preparing their signups as we speak; they are putting alot of thought into them.



Hey Bobby, there wasn’t any heads up as to the cut off time so perhaps it would be appropriate to allow another 24hrs of submissions if that’s not too much to ask?


Name : Synthetix Ambassador Council

Address or ENS: OPsnxambassadors.eth (0x406b607644c5D7BfDA95963201E45A4c6AB1c159)

Discord username : mastermojo83#4197, MiLLiΞ#6969, Matt | Synthetix#2166

Verification (Tally profile or tweet):

I have read and understood the Delegate Commitment Process: Yes

I understand that becoming a delegate is a significant commitment: Yes

My reasons for wanting to be a delegate: As Synthetix ambassadors we feel that we are well equipped to contribute to the improvement and maintenance of Optimism via governance and represent the Synthetix ecosystem in the Optimism ecosystem as well.

The SNX Ambassadors play the role of governance participation on behalf of our community for many protocols and Optimism governance would be yet another key place for us to be active in.

My view on the [Optimistic Vision ]:

  • The OP collective will be a new path for governance in Cyberspace, and the physical world.
  • Ownership and rewards are the most reliable way to attract the best builders to address problems that affect the collective
  • Web3 needs groups that want to create incentives to build public goods; OP vision is a rallying point for builders to push against short termism. This will ensure value will compound for the long run.

My view on the first three articles of the Working Constitution:

  1. This is a “working” constitution:
  • We live in constant change, and this transitory document needs to reflect our human behavior/lifestyle to be fluid until we create our “bedrock” framework.
  • Innovation is needed for blockchain governance
  1. OP Citizens and OP Holders will equally coexist within the Collective:
  • Short-term incentives and long term visions must be aligned; we are excited about the experimentation between OP Governance and OP citizenship.
  • Variants of the bicameral model worked for Sparta, and has alot of potential on what OP is proposing
  1. The Optimism Foundation will be a steward of the Optimism Collective and its early governance model:
  • We believe in progressive decentralization and welcome the OP Foundation as early leaders in the OP Collectives governance model.

My Web3 interests:

DAOs, Governance, Legal, Economics

Languages I speak and write: English

My skills and areas of expertise: The Synthetix Ambassador Council is comprised of three members who are signers on the snxambassador.eth multi-sig and we oversee governance for many ecosystem protocols. We are currently active Delegates for several DeFi projects and have experience in submitting and deploying governance proposals and staying up to date on broader governance matters. We also have access to resources with in the Synthetix DAO for purposes of protocol integrations.

Our current signers, who’s twitter handles can be found on @snxambassadors profile bio, are made up of a combination of SNX Core Contributors and long time active Community members who are well versed in the operation of Synthetix and other DeFi/NFT projects.
We have a diverse set of skills that include Protocol/Governance analysis, user acquisition strategies, varying degrees of DeFi integrations, general marketing/communication skills and a wide range of other abilities in web3 and DeFi alike.

My favorite Web3 projects:
Ethereum, Optimism, Synthetix


Name: Quixotic (Optimism NFT Marketplace)

Address or ENS: 0xB1EA5a3E5EA7fA1834d48058EcDa26d8c59e8251

Discord username: Quixotic

Verification (Tally profile or tweet): Tally Profile

I have read and understood the Delegate Commitment Process: Yes

I understand that becoming a delegate is a significant commitment: Yes

My reasons for wanting to be a delegate:

Quixotic is the first and largest NFT marketplace on Optimism. In addition to building the marketplace, we spend lots of time building community and advising projects in the Optimism NFT space. NFTs have a small marketshare compared to defi, but a large mindshare. We believe NFTs will be crucial to defining the culture of Optimism and for any governance proposal someone should be asking: “how does this affect NFTs and non-financial dapps?” We plan to advocate for the interest of NFT projects and non-financial dapps during the governance process.

My view on the Optimistic Vision:

In the words of Vitalik, “even a billion dollars of capital cannot compete with a project having a soul.” The Optimistic Vision is the soul of Optimism, which is to say it’s the most important part of this project. If we succeed in moving the majority of layer 1 Ethereum activity to layer 2s like Optimism, the vision and values of the protocol will be enormously important. We’re strongly committed to creating a world of regenerative finance, positive externalities, and shared abundance.

My view on the first three articles of the Working Constitution:

  1. We agree that taking an iterative approach is best and that there will be more rapid iteration at earlier stages than later stages.
  2. The token house makes a lot of sense. Questions remain around the Citizen’s house: How is citizenship allocated? Can someone lose citizenship? What will incentivize citizens to actually participate in governance?
  3. We feel confident that the OF will govern with a steady hand and is committed to progressive decentralization.

My Web3 interests:

Choose ≤ five from the following set. List them as comma-separated values as your answer, like: “A, B, C”.

NFTs, Identity, Visual Art, DAOs, Gaming

Languages I speak and write: en

My skills and areas of expertise: NFTs, web3 community, non-financial dapps

My favorite Web3 projects:

ENS, POAP, Gitcoin


Thank you for the feedback. We’ve heard this from from several community members. Since this deadline wasn’t communicated widely, we’re extending the cutoff to tomorrow (May 27) at 5p PST.


Name : ScaleWeb3

Address or ENS: ScaleWeb3.eth [old, unusable] → Superdelegate.eth [NEW]

Discord username : ScaleWeb3#7123

Verification (Tally profile or tweet): Optimistic Tweet; Tally Profile for ScaleWeb3.eth

I have read and understood the Delegate Commitment Process: Yes.

I understand that becoming a delegate is a significant commitment: Yes, that’s why we founded a specialized company. We focus on governance, ecosystem building & tools around top Web 3 projects.

My reasons for wanting to be a delegate: We realized the same governance issues, tribalism, short-termism, replication of tech/mistakes, intransparency over and over since joining crypto. We started to spread quality information and onboard people to crypto. Now, we take this one step further with, defend the most value-aligned, value-adding, essential Web 3 building blocks and help them grow.

Sidenote: Personally, I see Ethereum as the center and settlement layer of Web 3 and Optimism as a fundamental building block in our envisioned Web 3 stack. The Ethereum ecosystem has quality contributors, some positive-sum, value-aligned projects such as Uniswap and Gitcoin and I would love to become a governance steward that further supports the values with best interests of projects and token/stakeholders in mind.

My view on the Optimistic Vision : I see many parallels to our own ambitions when we started in 2018. The mentioned comparison between blockchain ecosystems and new economies is somewhat flawed but we also think it’s essential in Web 3 to find key stakeholders early-on which are able to unlock network effects, a sustainable growth of the ecosystem - based on real economic growth - with aligned values (!). Besides that, I was positively surprised to see “impact = profit” as almost all social/public goods should at least be sustainable and I am all in into proving that public goods can capture margins and be positive sum for all value-adding OR benefitting, consuming stakeholders.

My view on the first three articles of the Working Constitution: The title is spot-on. You don’t build a complex system from scratch, you rather go there iteratively. I believe in progressive decentralization, think it’s absolutely fair for a core team to take the majority of key decisions early-on but I will definitely work towards a future with core protocols which are hardened, secure, trust-minimized, governance-minimized, yet community-owned.

My Web3 interests:

Accessibility, Data and analytics, DeFi, Economics, Governance (I also worked a lot on Identity & Privacy)

Languages I speak and write:
de; en

My skills and areas of expertise: Crypto ecosystem building, DeFi & investing

My favorite Web3 projects:
Ethereum, Bitcoin, Zapper


Name: Flipside Crypto

Address or ENS: flipsidecrypto.eth

Discord: fig#6582

Twitter Handle: @flipsidecrypto

Verification (Tally profile or tweet): Verification Tweet - Flipside Crypto

We have read and understood the Delegate Commitment Process:

We (the governance team at Flipside Crypto) acknowledge and understand the Delegate Commitment Process

We understand that becoming a delegate is a significant commitment:

We (the governance team at Flipside Crypto) acknowledge and understand that becoming a delegate is a significant commitment.

Our reasons for wanting to be a delegate:

Flipside’s mission is to help blockchains succeed. We want to become Optimism delegates, because we believe Layer 2s, and specifically Optimism, are a core piece to scaling the new digital economy on top of Ethereum.

Flipside Governance participates in more than a dozen protocols across Ethereum, Solana, Algorand, Flow, and a number of Cosmos SDK chains. We work closely with Aave, SushiSwap, Marinade, and MakerDAO - and have on-chain proof of participation. We aim to bring our expertise and one of the few full-time Governance teams in the industry to help Optimism strengthen its governance and voting processes.

As a delegate, Optimism gains full access to our time and resources, a team of 70+ with robust data science & infrastructure capabilities, and our community of 12,000+ data analysts.

On top of that, we will contribute hands-on expertise in voting, writing, and passing proposals. We are active community members in protocols that we engage with - you can find us actively participating on governance forums, Discord, and Twitter.

Our view on the Optimistic Vision 42:

Through our analytical bounty and scavenger programs, Flipside Crypto embodies the axiom impact=profit. Flipside Community members take the time and initiative to build out dashboards and analytics, providing unique insights for a range of protocols & DAOs.

Flipside believes that public goods inform and empower the average crypto user better than closed source alternatives. Optimism is pioneering this vision and advocating for profitability at the same time. We want to help Optimism follow through on its vision and improve Web3 accountability, one build at a time.

Our view on the first three articles of the Working Constitution:

Article 1: Every DAO experiences different Growth trajectories. As partners of DAOs in different stages of maturity and TVL, we believe it is important to allow for flexibility while building with speed. Enough structure to support, as much freedom as possible, is our guiding principle.

Article 2: While token holders are entitled to certain rights, they are not what makes up a DAO by themselves - Governance comes in many forms and is in need of innovation. Optimism must find a balance between value creation and encouraging participation among community members. We acknowledge multiple assets exist to make up a DAO and are excited by the experimental use of emerging new mechanisms, like “soulbound” NFTs.

Article 3: As Compound has shown, and as we have seen in our work with MakerDAO, there is a way for organizations to become more decentralized over time. We believe that having the Optimism Foundation as a steward in the early stages of development is instrumental, as the Foundation can provide the insight and knowledge necessary for building a strong product that can then enable successful decentralization.

Our Web3 interests:

Data Analytics, Bounty & Grants Programs, Layer 1s & Layer 2s, Governance, and DAOs (see MetricsDAO)

Languages we speak and write:

Our core governance team is composed of members who are fluent in English, German, and Mandarin.

Our skills and areas of expertise:

Flipside is a Web3 company with experience in building tools, communities, and recently DAOs. We partner with major networks & protocols to drive data analytics and user acquisition.

Flipside Governance, a department of Flipside Crypto, was established in September 2021, to directly support and contribute to DAO governance, and increase participation in our partner communities - thereby helping to improve the efficiency of this critical piece of protocol health.

We are committed to using this team and experience to improve DAOs one proposal at a time.

Flipside Governance is one of the few full-time governance teams in the industry. We have developed a deep understanding of the needs and of the flow of information in governance processes as well as key tooling necessary to be successful.

Our members currently sit on a range of committees and boards: Review Committee at Aave Grants DAO, Transferability Committee at Paladin, and DeFi Committee at MonkeDAO.


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Name :

Address or ENS:
Discord username :

Verification (Tally profile or tweet):
I have read and understood the Delegate Commitment Process: Yes

I understand that becoming a delegate is a significant commitment: Yes

My reasons for wanting to be a delegate:

i simply want to see optimism succeed, i have a passion for the Ethereum and optimism ecosystems. early on i invested in and believed in Defi and Ethereum and for that i was awarded. Since then i have been fully employed and engaged in the space, this is my job.

My view on the Optimistic Vision :
Our foundation here at Optimism is strong and our vision strongly aligns with the major principals and beliefs that most Ethereum maximalists adhere to, I think optimisms culture is comparable to Gitcoin and in the end that will benefit the protocol.

My view on the first three articles of the Working Constitution

  1. Starting out governance is always a slow and painful process so i completely agree with the approach as naturally things start to smooth out with time. however i would like to see a way to amend such a Constitutional law if it is somehow detrimental to the protocol no matter the timeframe. keep in mind this would need to be extremely thought out.

  2. Clearly checks and balances are needed, people voice also should always matter so a include all approach is great considering our users not only know what we need but also drive the ship, i strongly agree.

  3. I trust the Optimism Foundation to nurture the protocol until it can care for itself, it would be foolish to say otherwise. This not only protects users but protects the protocol from various exploits.

My Web3 interests:
Identity Infrastructure Privacy DeFi

Languages I speak and write:

My skills and areas of expertise:
Solidity, DAO’s, Project management, Marketing, Multisig management

My favorite Web3 projects: ENS, Gitcoin,, Yearn


Name : Kryos (Would love feature to edit user name on Optimism to change to Kryos :heart_eyes:)

Address or ENS: kryos.eth

Discord username : NoizxX#6969

Verification (Tally profile or tweet): Willing to do on demand video chat any time, or look at my chain data. I am a strong believer in Defi and for that reason I do not associate my IRL data with my wallet. Willing to video chat any time, or provide other proof. Also verified on Gitcoin, but never needed my true ID. This is in part because I prescribe medicine that I value my privacy online, and don’t wish for even the possibility of being targeted offline.

I have read and understood the Delegate Commitment Process: Yes

I understand that becoming a delegate is a significant commitment: Yes indeed.

My reasons for wanting to be a delegate: I want to make sure that decentralization is a cornerstone of Optimism. It’s what Ethereum is built upon. I will consistently vote in a manner that keeps optimism decentralized, free, and open to all. I will consistently vote against proposals that substantially diminish freedoms or privacy of optimism users.

My view on the Optimistic Vision : Well it is why I am here. Decentralization, community, and impact/profit are what Ethereum is built on. I want to make sure it stays that way, and would vote true to Optimisms vision.

My view on the first three articles of the Working Constitution: I also believe often less governance is the best governance. I think Optimisms team has typically had good values and our interests at heart. Profitability and sustainability are key, we are just starting this journey. Freedom and limited control help innovation and growth which leads to impact/profit.

My Web3 interests: All of it, but Defi, NFT gaming/Defi games, and innovation are a few. I have been in crypto since before Ethereum. I particularly like new use cases and startups.

*Choose ≤ five from the following set. List them as comma-separated values as your answer, like: “A, B, C”. Privacy, Economics, DAOs, NFTs,

Accessibility, Bridges, Cryptography, DAOs, Data and analytics, DeFi, Developer tools, Economics, Events, Environment, Gaming, Governance, Identity, Infrastructure, Legal, Messaging, Music, NFTs, Oracles, Privacy, Security, Social impact, Visual art, Wallets, Writing, Zero knowledge

Languages I speak and write: English and decent Spanish.
Please choose from the ISO 639-1 list en

My skills and areas of expertise: [optional] Crypto!, health/medicine, python(know others but not very well), computer hardware

My favorite Web3 projects: [optional]
List ≤ 3 projects* Optimism, Ethereum Mainnet (Merge!!), Lyra