Delegate Commitments [OLD]

Name: Heartistry

Address: Heartistry.eth

Discord: Heartistry#4652

Twitter Verification:

My reasons for wanting to be a delegate?

I have a compassionate viewpoint with the goal of bettering spaces, standing as, with, and for artists in a sustainable way, evolving and being at the forefront of technology, art, and music.

I have read and understood the Delegate Commitment Process?


My view on the Optimistic Vision?

I like how you conceptualised the idea of a sustainable self governing system or at least what one might look like so early on and I share an equally optimistic vision for the future.
It looks sweet and as I later state I am happy to be optimistic.

My view on the first three articles of the Working constitution?

I agree and own the risk of web3 commitment as I have sacrificed a lot already for it. I’m pretty much all in on creating my vision from the future which aligns perfectly with optimism’s, albeit from a musical core. I’m passionate about creating social experiences for people as well as building efficient systems in and around it. My personal view is mostly all things in this space are an experiment at this time and it’s about having the robustness to morph and change to adapt to the expanding marketplace.

My skills and area of expertise?

Songwriting, writing, poetry, all things music, nfts.

I understand that becoming a delegate is a significant commitment?


I have always thought, I’m a citizen of the world. Yet I didn’t realise how optimistic I was for thinking that. All I can say is, it’s a pleasure to be in good company.

Now about me I’m an artist, and a writer. Music is where my heart is, March of 2021 is where my journey in web3 with NFT’s started. I hate that word. You see I’ve always followed my heart. It sounds so sweet but being honest, I wouldn’t recommend it cos it tastes like defeat. I could go on but I’m not defeated yet.

I guess that’s what I love about optimism. It soldiers on. Even when all the light is gone. Somehow optimistically shining. In the dark be a light. Or fight for what’s right as cool would say.

Maybe this style of approach is uncouth, like a child still burdened with youth. Or is it searching for truth lost in cyberspace. It’ll be fine either way. Citizens old and wise, citizens play, and citizens fight.

In spite of human corruption trust-less systems are able to make things right, right?

That would surely be nice.

In fact it’s haunted my dreams at night.

There was a time I made history on layer one, and then layer two. All for fun too, but seriously. Hic Et Nunc came through. As did Quix (the market place) which I let some Heartbeats loose. 51 to be exact, and off they flew to live a life of their own.

Once you propel something into space it continues going. You only need to steer the ship, I like that optimism recognises this as an experiment, with a good value system to learn and grow with through time, and as a member of the optimistic community, I would seriously take it upon myself to help guide the flight as best as possible. By being a steward of the light. As is my mission.

My stance or position is simply one of inquisition, making cut throat decisions trying not to cut of circulation. There’s more to this than just the exterior. Water yourself and then water someone else. Pass it on, tell a friend to tell a friend.

Low and behold I’ve been biding my time, lying in wait like a sleeper agent. Not a martyr for a cause more-like collecting karma points in wars. Bloodied and bruised, participating through every moment.
Sore as well from being blindsided by your ever changing tide.

It’s funny how things change, but people stay the same. Though I’ve met amazing people in this place. Among the toxicity within close proximity.

Wading through the Nile of potential.

With a form of togetherness.

Like maybe one day we could live forever, and ever, I guess… but only if we’re clever.

So far Heartistry is an ecosystem that has grown with a similar vision to optimism. As part of a niche creative hub for a musical game and ethos of creation. Artists apart of it are only required to put their “Heart, into their Artistry”. As suggested in the name. Which is a verb, and a doing word.

All projects released thus far have been performed, written, and published by me, Joe, with Heartistry. As an experiment if you will. For what publishing music on the blockchain with a method that is in favour of the artist might look like. With a focus on support and reward structures and social gamification.

Maybe its nothing more than a pipe dream, but I remain optimistic

My web3 interests are DAO’s, Music, Governance, Gaming, Writing, Jingles, Poetry, Philosophy, NFT’s, Experiences (Virtual/IRL).

I speak English (EN) and that’s the language I read and write.

My favourite web3 projects are Fractal Visions, Heartistry, and Dread Heads.

My reasons for wanting to be a delegate are simple. I believe that there needs to be people with good hearts and intentions in positions where they can influence things for the better. As a representative of Heartistry, being a delegate for optimism would allow me to put artists first and support web3 music creators and artists in general, onboarding them through the optimism network, benefiting both ecosystems as well as everyone connected through the chain.

After all maybe we’re one and the same.

Thanks for taking the time to read my commitment.

  • Joe Nix (Founder) of Heartistry