Delegate Commitments [OLD]

Name: rasmuky

Address or ENS: rasmuky.eth

Discord username: rasmuky.Ξth#3697

Verification (Tally profile or tweet): Tally profile

I have read and understood the Delegate Commitment Process: True

I understand that becoming a delegate is a significant commitment: True

My reasons for wanting to be a delegate: At it’s core, the Optimism Collective is focused on Retroactive Public Goods Funding which I think is a great cause / economic model to commit to. An entire network committed to finding a way to fund and create public goods for all just has to end up doing something great and really speaks to the base integrity of the community.

I was also drawn to the citizen house and token house approach to governance. I haven’t spent much time (yet) in DAOs or other governance organizations, but the Optimism Collective approach sounded unique and very interesting.

My view on the Optimistic Vision : In line with my reasons for wanting to be a delegate, the virtuous cycle of retroactive public goods funding is an exciting concept I want to be a part of.

The long-term goal of crossing over into the physical world and funding public goods in that environment is very exciting. I think many governments around the world still operate by shipping he equivalent of one annual software cd rom update (a loaded up and heavily lobbied bill) instead of deploying weekly iOS app updates via agile government to solve problems one at a time (which RPGF could do, I think).

My view on the first three articles of the Working Constitution: (i) I respect the acknowledgment that this is a governance experiment and it will evolve. We can’t possibly know future the technologies, conflicts, and other challenges the future will bring, so evolving is key. (ii) I think the citizen house is very critical. If the goals and strategy of the network were left entirely to those with capital who will vote based on the best interest for their capital, I would not be engaged. I’m very interested to see how the citizen house takes shape. (iii) I’d like to see a transition to decentralization for the network as quickly as possible, but I do see short-term value in an authoritative entity which can guide the collective and make ongoing operational decisions until it is ready for full decentralization.

My Web3 interests:
Data and analytics, DeFi, Economics, Identity, Security

Languages I speak and write:

My skills and areas of expertise: Data and analytics, finance, economics.

My favorite Web3 projects: Mean finance, Spritz finance, Velodrome, Flipside Crypto