Delegate Commitments [OLD]

Name: ZER8 (PRM)

Address or ENS: 0xb62E762Af637b49Eb4870BCe8fE21bffF189e495

Discord username: ZER8🧠#9093

Verification (Tally profile or tweet): Tally | 0xb62E...e495

I have read and understood the Delegate Commitment Process: Yes.

I understand that becoming a delegate is a significant commitment: Yes.

My reasons for wanting to be a delegate: My main drive is to support public goods as much as possible. Optimism is one of the best places to do this. (I am also a Gitcoin Steward, heh)

My view on the Optimistic Vision : It’s one of my personal inspirations and the branding speaks to my artistic soul.

My view on the first three articles of the Working Constitution:

My Web3 interests: DAOs, Social impact, Environment, Data and analytics and visual art

Languages I speak and write: Romanian, English and French.

My skills and areas of expertise: , Anti-fraud in web3, reverse engineering, growth hacking, marketing, governance processes, multidiscipliary approach to anything, stress testing DAOs. I also love community building :slight_smile:

My favorite Web3 projects: Nfbeez, Gitcoin, Gnosis chain.

Statement of Intention: My name is Popescu Razvan Matei and I am a telecomm/electronics engineer and creative builder from Romania, although in the last few years I kinda became a decentralized citizen. *

Present lead of GIA, FDD in GItcoin DAO. My responsability was to keep the Gitcoin Grants program free of fraudulent grants and curate all incoming grant applications. Curated over 3000 projects and helped protect considerable amounts of funds. Decentralized grant reviews and opened them up to the community. This was a win-win-win type of scenario. We saved DAO resources while educating/paying people from our community while ensuring efficient capital allocation and fraud free Gitcoin rounds

PS. GOT THE AIRDROP :heart_eyes: :red_circle: