Change the use of OP tokens from a governance token to the main network token for gas payment

I am absolutely against this proposal. Using OP tokens as gas has many flaws:

  • Optimism is EVM equivalent. Accepting OP tokens as gas means giving up on EVM equivalence. Moreover, Optimism has to pay fees to Ethereum Mainnet in ETH. How will the OP<->ETH conversion be handled?
  • Currently, the CALLVALUE opcode returns the amount of Ether sent to a contract. If the OP token is accepted as the gas token, how will this opcode work? Will it return the Ether amount or the OP amount sent to the contract? This can potentially break a lot of contracts.
  • Has the implementation been thought through? How is this going to be achieved? What happens to the users without OP in their wallets, are they stuck without any gas?
  • Finally, assuming that all the technical issues are solved, what are the benefits of accepting OP as a gas token?