Change the use of OP tokens from a governance token to the main network token for gas payment

The technical implications of doing this make this a bad idea. I am under the impression the only genuine argument for this proposal is $OP token price will go up - I’m highly against using this metric to make governance decisions.

  1. Accepting $OP and $ETH as gas (or just $OP) requires the protocol to make DEX swaps buying $ETH to pay L1 fees and likely to pay L2 validators. This requires Optimism chain to chose a DEX - showing favor to a non-native application on its chain. This proposal requires the Blockchain to pick a favorite DEX -imo this is not an option, and goes against the ethos of general purpose blockchains.

  2. This breaks Ethereum equivalence and goes against the mission of Optimism. It destroys the dev experience of porting over Ethereum applications without additional overhead and contract changes. We are trying to scale Ethereum, not pump $OP. linking @ayrtonb Change the use of OP tokens from a governance token to the main network token for gas payment - #49 by ayrtonb

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I totally agree. OP also needs to consider EIP1559.

This is a good idea. I support this

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So, how to implement this program? After the community proposal is discussed, the project party will initiate a vote?

Best use of ETH, OP doesn’t have that purpose.

Speaking of implementation, will this add more complexity to each transaction? Think this is another angle worth considering for discussion.

If we implement this, I would suggest to have $OP as gas token but enabled with metatransctions which means that on the user side, they can use any token to pay for gas fee (technically it would be converted to gas token for proceeding transaction). Related discussion here

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I think this is a bad idea. It would kill optimism the network to try to accrue value to the op token. It would break evm equivalence, decrease security, ruin the underlying model … What’s wrong with a governance token?

I agree,good idea,Need to pass

One thing you forget is this will create loads of sell pressure on the $Op token, The sequencer has to send batch tx to L1 and it needs ETH as gas to do so. If the sequencer is getting $Op It would constantly be selling to fit the bill, and in the future when all L2 are competing for L1 block space and tx fees are high(L1) it would only get worse.


I support this idea 100%.

I support this proposal this is great for #OP

this would be somehow the complete opposite of why optimism was even created.

not paying fees in an native token is an advantage of optimism and L2. its an advantage for adoption, when eth is used on all L2s… otherwise there will never be mainstream adoption for blockchains. too complicated for the average users and nocoiners to constantly need dozens of tokens.

the crypto community should wake up about this fact.
image there would be a different currency in every state in the us. it would be a complete economic collapse.

Absolutely .It’s cheaper than before.

I think good in long term.

A much better proposal would be to increase the gas fee 10% and use that to create regular buy pressure on $OP.

yes!we all agree this !

that’s true, support you

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Good idea , but will OP token be like Polygon? as a sidechain?

If this happen. Mush more people will want to hole OP token.

Wow! What a thought-provoking collection of points and counterpoints! There are some well thought-out and persuasive ideas from both sides of the table.

I think this would be a good time for some OP Staff to share some feedback on what is and isn’t possible, from an under-the-hood technical standpoint as well as what is or isn’t within the scope of OP’s philosophical vision.