:mega: We’re calling all Optimists out there, no matter whether you’re a casual user, tech nerd, an ambassador or a mad fan. Whatever “role” you might have - or were assigned to -, we’d love to hear from you! Even from the ‘not-so-optimistic’ ones among you.

Context: This post introduces the large-scale behavioural science study that we’re currently conducting for the Optimism Collective and for which we kindly ask for your support!

Grant: The study was funded by Optimism Academics (see RFG 6, Identity Fusion: Season 4 Grants: RFG Roundup)


Guiding questions: What are the factors that help to create a sense of community and what keeps users coming back to Optimism? :sparkles: :red_circle:

This study examines the social mechanisms that users leverage to build trust and develop a deep connection with Optimism. Psychological theories of trust and decision-making suggest an important role of social identity and social norms, due to a fundamental human need to find a sense of belonging. First insights suggest that behaviour in crypto may be highly motivated by this need, just as it is offline.

In this scientific study, we thus examine how users perceive Optimism, what they like or dislike about it, and how they form connections with the network through the lens of “identity fusion”, i.e., the tendency for individuals to merge their sense-of-self with that of a social group to which they belong.

Through the lens of identity fusion, blockchain ecosystems represent a collective of individuals, similar to different “societies” with distinctive characteristics. Accordingly, this study will provide insights into Optimism’s perceived identity and characteristics from the mind’s eye of the users, and shed light on the underlying mechanisms that drive people’s fusion with Optimism.


Understanding how individuals perceive Optimism and how they develop strong ties to the Optimism network is central for Optimism’s long-term growth. Strong social ties enhance community resilience, promote engagement, and contribute to the overall health of a community.

This study will provide the OP Collective with cutting-edge research insights on the basis of the following three pillars:

Research on “Group Cohesion” - equip Optimism with the necessary knowledge on how to foster people’s attachment with Optimism and reinforce cohesion within the Collective. The goal of this study aligns with the Optimistic vision of building a cohesive and strong Collective by examining people’s ingroup loyalty, i.e., their tendency to faithfully stick with the Optimism network through market fluctuations.

Community - nurture the community by providing Optimism users with the opportunity to take part in a large-scale, user-centred study and identify valid mechanisms of how to retain users in a personally meaningful way.

Positioning - help to strengthen Optimism’s identity and unique positioning within the wider ecosystem of networks by uncovering Optimism’s hidden features and identifying the drivers that foster reciprocity and collective action among individuals.

:sos: We need YOUR SUPPORT!

We genuinely think that this study will strengthen Optimism’s position in the space. Examining the social dynamics of the Optimism community through a psychological lens will provide Optimism with a competitive edge over other similar communities in blockchain.

But we need your support!

Please help us by participating in this survey and by sharing the survey link with your peers.

:point_right: You can take part in the survey by clicking this link: Social Identities in Web3: Survey Powered by Webropol

Your support means more than you can imagine! Let us know if you have any questions or inputs.



I’m also tagging my collaborator @Erudraeth. Moreover, I would like to thank @ayohtunde who was incredibly helpful in trying to find ways to spread the word about this study.


Really excited about this project. Understanding communities in the Optimism ecosystem, and Web3 more broadly, will be crucial to its success. Please do take a moment to participate!

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TLDR: check out our Optimism Demo Day presentation for a quick summary of what the study is all about - fast-forward to 17 mins:

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Congrats @Josey !! :clap:t3::clap:t3:

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I’m excited to participate and contribute to the insights on how we connect and grow together in the Optimism Collective.

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Love to hear that @leesmit, thank you! :red_circle: :sparkles: Please also share the word about the study with your network if you can Social Identities in Web3: Survey Powered by Webropol