Airdrop 2 only op token holder

Airdrop 2 Only wallet holder

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What do you see as the benefit of excluding new users?

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Could you give more information about this topic?
Why do you think this is a good idea?
How would you implement it?
Waht will be the benefit of excluding new users?
How will this affect governance and participation of token holders?

It’s not personal, just looking for this forum to be more organized

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Let’s just stop creating new topics for the “same issue”?


Totally agree with @Prometheus

BTW thanks for linking all the topics related

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That’s a good idea. I support it.

Everyone can so as they wish with their tokens. That’s why crypto is decentralized

I am against it. We will always need new users. both for adoption and for governance.

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Give more OP tokens to those who hodl

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I think we should have more people come to our ecosystem, then should open for everyone.

I think we should also include new users who bring new liquidity and activities to OP to add more value to Optimism.

Absolutely agree! Stop creating the same topic proposals…

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I don’t think so, to this topic because we need new user new user will give more TVM to optimisim.

My opinion that it should be a chance to the new users of Optimism bridge. But the amount of airdrop should depends on activities like using pools of liquidity on different platforms or votes. it is very important to give airdrop to the the people who use bridge but amount should depends on activity frequency

nice , I liked this …

please post in Airdrop #1 Feedback Thread